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Business Writing Tips for Professionals

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❶Clemens has exceeded our expectations in every aspect, and he will be conducting the project approval training process.

Business & Technical Writing

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by Ruth Nickolich
Talk, tips, and best picks for writers on the job.

At that time, a friend of mine was working as a technical writer in New York. We had been sending copy back and forth to each other for editing before giving the final versions to our clients.

Since we were already helping each other, I proposed we start a company together. We worked as partners for about five years before going our separate ways due to family issues. My partner now had a new baby and needed to devote more of her time to family. So at first, I had to put in some pretty long weeks — sometimes 80 hours — to keep up with the demands.

After I incorporated the business, I spent the next eight years working from my home office. And, even companies that do have such a department may not have the tools, the expertise, or the resources to complete a project on time and within budget.

This is when a technical-writing company like ours can fill that need. Managers and CEOs are appreciative when you help them meet a deadline and stay within budget. Technical writing has changed and will continue to do so according to client needs.

Anyone starting a technical-writing company will need to realize this and remain flexible enough to keep up with current trends. This includes keeping your staff well-trained in the newest software and in the latest practices. Years ago, a tech writer was a tech writer. Now a tech writer must also be a graphic designer, an editor, a proofreader, a content modeler, and must really work to stay on the cutting edge.

The team I have currently assembled are high-level experts at software documentation, but we have recently moved into single sourcing and content management. In the past, most of our clients just needed user manuals, Quick Reference Guides, and online help.

Now, in addition to needing written documentation, they are seeing the value in content management tools as a way to organize their vast amounts of information and allow them to produce more deliverables with less effort and expense.

I don't think there's a greater need to edit business writing over technical writing, but my experience tells me it'd be harder to find the right editor for technical writing like, say, a high-tech manual , especially if the technical writer or the company wanted something deeper than a proofread or a copyedit.

That said, I'm positive it's worth the search. Lauren Ruiz October 21, at A business writing class would be beneficial to many people, not only technical writers. As a technical writer myself, I've been involved in editing or reviewing business writing for peers.

Therefore, it's been helpful for me to have knowledge in both forms of writing. October 24, at Thanks for stopping by, Lauren. I agree that editors often need subject-matter knowledge for technical documents. But a fresh, beginner's eye can sometimes recognize an issue the technical experts miss, especially when readers or users will not be technical experts.

Like you, I have edited business documents but not technical ones. My experience is limited to what I have seen rather than what I have done. Lynn Gaertner-Johnston October 24, at I agree about the value of business writing classes. Topics such as sentence structure, active voice verbs, and concise language--along with many more--apply to both business writing and technical writing.

Chanaka Palliyaguru October 24, at Lynn Gaertner-Johnston October 25, at I don't think these two types of writing are necessarily mutually exclusive. I often find that in the same document, I use both technical and business writing skills. Liz Tucker November 02, at I am a freshman. Currently, working on my degree in B. After the first homework I've done, I realized that the way I am writing is not relevant to business as itself.

I start looking for help over the Internet to make my writing more closed and appropriate to the matter at hand. Here what I found:. Jeff Simmmons November 23, at Lynn Gaertner-Johnston November 23, at I agree with this article.

As a former technical writer I ghostwrite books now who also did some business writing, I found that there might be a tiny bit of marketing babble--as a friend of mine liked to call it--within a technical document, but the audience and purpose for the two kinds of writing tended to be pretty separate. In each meeting, there will be a status report for the prior week from both the employees and superiors. The team will use the weekly reports to work together to come up with a solution to any problems, or to reward employees for excellent work.

This will provide an open line of communication, as well as survey the current situation and see if there is a need for additional help to any and all team members. Both managers as well as employees will need to complete a series of training courses to ensure that everyone is well versed in company policy, as well as have knowledge of what to do in case of an event such as the current crisis at the Roanoke branch. One such course would be on the importance of communication between employees and superiors.

All employees will learn when it is necessary to hire additional help, when they really need to speak up, and that human resources is here to help and they should not be shy when they need guidance.

It is important for all team members to be knowledgeable about the company and policy. Employees will be scheduled for two meetings a week — on days that best fit their schedule — for four weeks, followed by an evaluation to see if the course material was thorough.

If more training is necessary, it will be rescheduled accordingly. When to hire additional help; Project Approval: April 6- April Your rights as employees; YOU matter: April April Importance of open communication: April April 24 Company policies: April May 1.

I have great faith in Mr. The director of customer relations, Paul Clemens has been with Phoenix Advertising for a total of 8 years. Clemens has exceeded our expectations in every aspect, and he will be conducting the project approval training process.

The final three training seminars will be conducted by me, as well as the department directors. Together, we need to remind all team members that they are very important to the company, and their work is what gets us our reputation. We will thoroughly discuss open lines of communication, policies, and the importance of working together as a team.

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English classes in business and technical writing will teach you how to create documents for the work courses are available?Business Writing (English ).

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Technical writing is a category of technical communications—which is a broader field that involves documenting, sharing, interpreting, and/or publishing specialized medical, scientific, biological, technological, organizational and/or other information.

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People who want to be technical writers often ask me whether business writing classes will help them. I answer yes—because strong business writing skills will help them be better technical writers. But what is the difference between technical writing and. The Department of English offers 4 courses in business, professional, and technical writing, and they are routinely taught in a computer class .

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Technical Writing 13 Tips on How to Tech-Talk to Non-Techies - Hasmita Chander Digital and Personal Tech: Writing for The Next Generation of Technical Magazines - . The Rutgers Writing Program offers writing classes and advanced courses in Business & Technical Writing, and provides tutoring, free of charge, in our Writing Centers.