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4.981 risposte a “ESCURSIONI”
Что такое «хот род» (hot rod)

I am a whisky writer and I do not make or sell whisky, nor do I work for any company that makes or sells whisky. I have no medical or nutritional training and I am completely unqualified to advise people on issues that may affect their health. I am neither a contact person nor a spokesperson for any whisky or whisky company.

So nice to see this being reviewed! I think it encompasses everything that is the definition of a great Canadian whisky. It has a fresh sawed pine tree smell and a delicious spicy rye bread meets sticky toffee pudding. What could be more Canadian than that! And I know from reading http: How often is the 18 year bottled?

I should have picked up a bottle last year when I had the chance. The BC liquor board computer shows one bottle in the whole province -way out in the boonies. A friend of mine has a bottle of Rare from about 2 years ago with a 6 digit number on the label; much like the one at the top of this page Example: The bottle I just purchased 2 weeks ago has a 5 digit number with a letter before it Example: Does anyone know what the significance of the numbering system is?

I have 3 bottles of pendleton 20 year old directors reserve, th anniversary edition bottles for Pendleton Roundup. I was wondering what the value might be on these and where a guy can legally sell these?

They have seals intact, in wooden boxes in perfect shape. Not a ding or scratch. Been in bubble wrap since i bought them. Appreciate any info, thanks! Limited edition collectors bottles that i havent been able to find anywhere else and they arent worth a dime more than the pusrchase price? How can that be?

The last edition of collectors bottles from Pendleton was fetching a bottle off of ebay before they changed their policies on alcohol bottles.

And those were only aged 8 years. So my question is how can you say they are worth so little? Years of buying old whisky. I expect that if they go to sell them later they will be very disappointed. Perhaps you are looking at asking price, not selling price. For years there were people putting whisky on e-Bay at very high prices just in case they might get a buyer, but I never saw any of these over-priced bottles actually sell. Hi I live in Wales,United Kingdom. I wish to purchase a bottle of your 18 year old Gibson,for my father in law.

Where can I buy it in the U. Good luck, it is great whisky. I have a bottle of Olympic gold label Canadian club whiskey limited edition unopened do you have an idea of the value. I just noticed gibsons only has three products available in the lcbo. Do you have a line on any new exciting gibson products? Unopened Limited edition Canada Excise sticker still intact.

I was wondering if there is any value in the bottle to collectors or should I just crack it open an enjoy. There is no collectors market for Canadian whisky. You have found a real treasure but it has no real value. What would it be worth? Probably a lot less. Why not just open and share with friends?

This was aged for 15 years. The first one is dated and the other is dated Just wondered if there is a value for them. Government seal D , and the bottle batch number is V Hi i am from Scotland and i wonder if you can help me out here please i have a bottle of whisky that was giving to me about 15 years ago from a friend!

Sorry, that is a new one for me too. Perhaps a small private bottling for a retailer. There were and are hundreds of those. Hello, My question is to Davin. Davin I was wondering if you could help me with a little info and prices on a bottle of Ten year old Canada cup canadian whiskey on the seal with ser A I got it from my father in law which passed away last year. Thank you kindly in advance. Hi Lisa, I am not familiar with Canadian Cup. In general though I can tell you that these old bottles of Canadian whisky do not go up much in price, especially for the lesser known ones.

I know that is not what most people expect. I always tell them to crack it open on a special occasion and toast the person from whom they inherited it. Was given a bottle last year from a friend and finally opened the 18 yr old Rare last night with family over for dinner. Anybody know of an online store that sells and ships to the States? Any suggestions would help a thirsty whiskey drinker. Unfortunately, Canadian liquor stores are not allowed to ship. All purchases must be picked up in person.

Back available in BC, after being out of stock for a year, maybe a year and a half. Wondering if anyone would be interested in an unopened bottle of Gibsons finest 12 year with a seal marked It is Bottle No R Does it have any value?

Hi just curious about Canadian Schenley O. Aged 8 years with a Certificate in the back dated Nov. S F C I have a bottle of gibbson 18 year old rare. Sorry, I do not know. Perhaps it is a label variant. Sometimes when they print new labels they make little changes to update them. I checked this site because I saw this question but cannot find the answer. Sorry, I thought I had replied to your e-mail. Same juice, new name. Super hard to find at most LCBOs and no reason why…what a shame.

Do you know how to tell the valleyfield bottles from the newer ones? I have started collecting whiskey from the now defunct distilleries, and would like to add this to my collection…. Not certain, but as far as I know they are still using Valleyfield whisky for the 18 and will for some time to come.

Thanks for the review Davin. I recently posted an analysis of LCBO inventory on my whiskyanalysis. From discussion on my site and others, it seems like most agree this is just a marketing change, and they are still using the old Valleyfield stock.

A fabulous whisky from the first sip which is something rare. Yes, it is a limited release. Elimination,,,,anyway,,,,it says,,mom paid 9. Not sure how mom could hide it from him,,,his breath was sometimes sweet with aftershave lotion.

Bryon, normally I would suggest you should enjoy them for what they are because Canadian whisky does not command a high price at auction, but since it is not likely that you or your brother will be drinking them, I would be interested in talking to you about them.

I just bought a bottle of the Gibsons 12 year old Rare. I was disappointed with it as compared to the 12 year old Gold bottle. Where did the 12 year old gold go? Why did they put a cork in the bottle I hate the cork….. I have been drinking this rye for over 25 years and now they cork it and every time my cork breaks inside.

Is this really the end of the road for this most amazing whisky? I surely hope not. Yup, de-listed, make no more — or reborn at double the price. I have a rare I think bottle of Gibsons Finest 12 year with a label covering the unopened lid from Just wondering what something like this might be worth?

Purchased a bottle yesterday…. Anyone have more details. Yes, the 18 year old is in short supply. I think they track them with a laser code now so no need for serial numbers. Does it evaporate over time and does is that normal? Hi there I have a 12 aged Gibsons finest made in how much would that be retail?? Never been opened I think its 49 years old.

Once Prohibition rolled around, though, [ I bought a 66oz. I returned it to the liquor store where I did receive a new bottle. Who keeps their receipt? This could be because of the change to the corks or just a problem that will never happen again. All I know is that I am a frequent customer, that is all I drink and it is a huge problem to not be able to return it to the liquor store.

I am hoping you can rectify this problem. Sorry, I do not make whisky, I just write about it. I wonder if there is a contact form on their website. I am looking for contact information to let them know. I have a Gibsons 12yr old not opened yet so aged in barrel Has the receipe changed from then compared to the current one?

Mail will not be published required. Crisp clean oak and fresh red cedar, ripe fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, grapefruit pith, simmering spices, and dusty rye. A quick explosion of flavour followed by a slow, complex reveal. Sweet vanilla pods and fresh-cut lumber. A complex mosaic of flavours from cedar to tropical fruit set on a creamy base with hot pepper and a delicate underlying citric zest. Whisky drinkers seeking richer, more robust, and more sophisticated flavours will find that Alberta Premium Dark Horse delivers exactly that — an extraordinary symphony of rye.

Luscious and weighty with beautifully integrated aromatic spices and waves of white pepper. Citric zest, linen, some dustiness, and hints of oak. Sweet, peppery and hot with dusty old wood, citrus zest, and burnt toffee that ends with a refreshing grapefruit pithiness.

Buttery caramels with refreshing bitters in an oaky, peppery, and weighty dram. Mouth warming, spicy and smooth as the proverbial silk. Simple, straight forward, and richly flavourful. Candy, sweet, dark fruit, cream sherry, pepper and hot spices, dusty, floral rye, spirit, slight zestiness, and hints of fresh wood. Creamy caramel and hot pepper.

Ripe dark fruit, citric zest, fresh-cut wood and hints of spirit. Mild rye spices — cloves, cinnamon, ginger. Caramel and pepper dominate well-defined fruits, fresh oak, vanilla, rye spices and zesty undertones. Both dusty and oily. Crisp, clean, Canadian oak. Musty corn, cardboard, gentle caramels and vanilla.

Herbal, slightly spicy and quite peppery with a cleansing citric pith. Fragrant and flavourful with sweet dark fruit, loads of fresh-cut wood, hot pepper, and recurring rich tobacco notes. Deceptively complex and surprisingly lively. Plums, prunes, black currents balanced with sweet butter tarts and baking spices and the warming glow of real black pepper. Silky mouthfeel with hints of oak but not the woodiness of long-aged whisky.

Creamy smooth and full-bodied. Peppery with subtle, understated fresh cedar, black fruits, caramel, musty corn, citric zest, and pith.

A weighty, highly integrated, and fruity synthesis of wood, toffee, vanilla, dusty rye, and baking spices, with developing hot pepper, dark fruits, prune juice, and citric zest. Sweet oak caramels and burnt sugar, raisins, prunes, and Christmas cake. Peppery with a slippery creaminess and underlying notes of clean oak. A typical fruity, rye-forward Canadian Club nose becomes sweet, hot, and spicy on the tongue.

Sweet, peppery, and fruity, with a pleasing bitter zest. Hard, flinty, earthy rye tinged with cinnamon and ginger. Nice weight and creamy mouthfeel. Rich and very fruity— from raisins to peaches to berries. Sweet hot tobacco, black tea, pencil shavings, pepper and baking spices. Faint spirit evolves into robust rye spices with rich butterscotch, hints of dry grain, and ripe dark fruits. Very flavourful and mouth-filling with sizzling pepper, fleshy dark fruits and lime peel.

Toffee sweet, vanilla, grassy with citric fruits, and a cleansing bitter lemon zest. Some earthiness, sour mash, rye grain and rye spices, with a youthful spirit. Brio, cola, white pepper, ginger, sultanas, prunes, coconut, grapefruit zest and juice, dry grain, mash, and hints of fresh-cut lumber. An excellent example of a well-aged Canadian whisky with a bold display of gingery spice, pepper, exotic fruit — kumquats, passion fruit — and oak. Finishes with a slight pleasing pithiness.

The most appealing barrel tones accented by peppery spices, high fruity esters and dark fruits, in a lush, creamy body. Robust, yet elegant and fine. Continues to develop in the mouth and in the glass. Sip slowly for maximum pleasure. Red cedar, lilacs, kumquats, and spicy-hot pepper in a rich butterscotch.

Creamy vanilla, a dusting of rye spices, bursts of citrus and a veritable tsunami of fresh-cut wood. Rich in nuance and suggestion, though muted, this is about as complex as pure corn whisky gets, with bittersweet citric notes, lilacs, spices, fresh-cut wood, and hot pepper. Charred oak, pencil shavings and silky tannins melt into sweet citrus fruit, marzipan, hints of flowers and a certain meatiness.

Finishes long and hot with woody undertones. Ripe fruit and stewed prunes with vanilla coconut custard, blistering hot spices and a nutty cereal side accented with rose water, dusty roads and hints of oak.

Dark fruits, Concord grapes, roses and spring flowers with a rich and creamy mouthfeel. Split cherry firewood with earthy rye and tingling hot pepper. Mellow, smooth and oh so robust with dark and sour rye bread, floral tones, something like licorice, and loads of herbal notes. The smoothest of the smooth. Scotch snobs who rely on age statements to tell them if they like what they are drinking take note: Coyote Ugly is one three-year-old shooting whisky that is simply loaded with flavour.

Creamy, with vanilla, hot pepper, ginger, dark fruit, orange bitters, Bourbon, charcoal, oak, and floral notes. A silky smooth and very approachable whisky. High esters, vanilla, green apples, nutty and creamy with oak tannins.

A silky smooth Canadian whisky in the bourbon vein. Peaches, apricots, Concord grapes and Port wine with rye spices, hot white pepper, peach pits and bitter lemon. Last Call — Spicy, sweet, fruity and floral. Rye spices, rye grain and fresh-cut cedar.

The fruity notes turn tropical with mango, papaya and bananas. Chocolate tones that linger just below the surface fade slowly away. A complex synthesis of ginger, clove oil, hot white pepper, cedar lumber, and prunes, with fresh spring lilacs and pansies and wilted tobacco. Caramel, vanilla and cooling citric pith. Controlled, elegant, creamy, and balanced with nutmeg, cloves and ginger, hot pepper and peppermint, green and ripe apples, floral bourbon-like vanilla and oak, cereal, and orange bitters.

Sweetness and apple pie with hints of roses that develop tingly spices, crispy wood and typical rye fruitiness. Smooth vanilla pudding with a buttery finish. Vanilla sweet with a mesquite-smoke undercurrent. Barrel spices with clean dry oak and typical Crown Royal creaminess. The smoothest Crown Royal ever, except for the original.

Rich and creamy in the mouth with clean wood, leather, tobacco and ripe black fruits Some berry notes and sizzling gingery pepper. A rich, weighty, hugely complex and skillfully structured whisky displaying ripe red fruit, fresh-cut oak, hot spices, dry grain, and violets.

Rich and creamy with a dash of black licorice. Classic rye spices—cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and pepper—all brought together in a lumber yard. Sweet, fragrant wood with a tangy citric zest and lots of weight. Hot, and sweet with dark fruits, creamy cereals, hints of pansies. Burley tobacco takes it into the lower registers as do hints of oak. A bright, lively, potent, but not overly complex whisky, with a sweet and fruity finish. Blueberries, grape popsicle, sweet simple syrup and maybe just a hint of clean oak in a whisky liqueur-cum-ice-cream-topping designed for summer patio or winter hot spot bliss.

Creamy, sweet corn whisky with dusty, earthy rye, ripe red fruits, sherry, sweet-and-sour sauce, floral perfume, ginger, cinnamon, hot pepper, and hints of citric peels. Butterscotch, fresh-cut wood, toasted oak and wood smoke. Sweet vanilla, berries, barbeque sauce, mash, granola. Rich toffee and searing chili peppers with bursting rye spices, rye grain and bitter orange.

A delicate floral touch with oaky maple syrup. Hall looked to Ireland for inspiration when crafting one of his latest creations, a cream liquor, made with fresh Ontario dairy cream in a base of Forty Creek whisky. Toasted oak sugars, vanilla, hot pepper, mustard, and ginger. Lemon cream, sweet- and-sour rye, dry grain, new sawdust, fresh fruit, and a citric zestiness. Oh my, what wonderful whisky! On-line reservations from Monday, May 27th to Friday, June 21st, After that you take your chances.

Spiced fruit berries, apple cider, sweet pipe tobacco, clean oak, peppery cloves and cinnamon hearts. Mountains of dark fruit, toffee, and crispy oak burst to life amidst searing peppers. The initial boldness is then tempered with a delicate range of fruits, spices and floral notes. Redolent of rum, kola beans, vanilla, and sweet rye on the nose and the ever-so-robust palate.

Masterfully balanced and seamlessly integrated. Butterscotch, crisp clean oakiness, peppery spice, citrus fruit. Creamy with baking spices, then bitter citrus pith and black tea. Creamy, soft, round and smooth. Fresh-cut wood, caramel, and vanilla. Hot peppery spices, a slight saltiness, and gentle citric zest. Mildly floral and fruity. Rich and creamy mouthfeel with a plethora of sweet fruits and berries, citric zest and pith, a nuttiness, black pepper, and hints of spirit. Spicy rye, butterscotch, and vanilla fudge, with glowing with heat.

Hot pepper is softened by vanilla ice cream and fresh dairy butter. Real maple sugar and real maple syrup accentuate clean wood. A complex interplay of fresh fruit, spring flowers, nutty grain, and hot white pepper all kept in place by the pith of white grapefruit. Sweet heat and very flavourful. Rich dark rum brisk spices and strong barrel tones with camphor and cinnamon. Body is robust and muscular body. Hot, peppery and slightly spirity.

Rich in toffee, with hints of burnt caramel and nutty dry grain. Dusty rye with earthy and flinty overtones and hints of pickle juice. Cooked fruit and hints of flowers. Warm floral tones, fresh-baked bread, clean but creamy palate with nutty dry grain, and a warming glow in the throat.

Pansies, clean, crisp oak, dry grain, dark fruits and pithy citrus notes. Tightly integrated and very complex. Dark fruits, wet slate, sweet spices and assertive pepper. Sweet, crisp and slightly pulling. Great complexity and tightly balanced. Fruity, silky, long and clean. Black pepper and an earthiness reminiscent of agave spirit give way to hard and gingery rye while citrus zest, with dark fruits, real black pepper, and dashes of pickle juice meld into cold wet slate.

Vanilla ice cream with butterscotch pudding and real maple syrup. Fresh, sweet red cedar and weathered wood, dried cloves, sweet grapefruit juice. Lab-produced meat will transform the world for the better. What are we waiting for? Lewis Pugh on swimming the length of the English Channel Premium. After Iceland won the cod wars, their independent fisheries thrived. Britain can do the same Owen Paterson. When climate change is the reality, our grandchildren will look back in horror at how we travel today Greg Dickinson.

Fancy a slice of Galapagos tortoise? Lab-grown meat can open up new worlds - and save the environment Jamie Hollywood. Without a joined-up strategy for tackling food waste and plastic, our efforts are doomed to failure Sian Sutherland. We tasted them to find out. We've noticed you're adblocking.

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