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CBEST Essays

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❶Comments You "past" the writing section or you "passed"?? Many people see technology as a force that has escaped from human control.

List of CBEST Essay Topics - from Official Site

Best Way to Write CBEST Essay
Essay Writing Tips for the CBEST Test

Use the blank spots in your test book for scratch paper. If you are only taking the writing, perhaps you can do a whole rough draft before copying it over. I would certainly advise doing a rough draft of the opening paragraph. You are not writing a term paper for a college class. You do not have to be technical, but use a variety of words. Practice writing in cursive using a pencil.

Don't we use pens for almost everything? You would be amazed at how different it feels using a pencil. Most adults have not wrote in pencil since grade school. Find some sample topics and do some sample essays. And of course, use a pencil. Time yourself as to how long it takes. The more popular personal essay topics involve a person, place, thing, experience, or school that influenced your life, good or bad.

Be thinking of what and who you could use. Topics like same-sex classrooms, computers, emphasis on sports, emphasis on college vs. Think of other current topics that are affecting education.

It could be a topic that affects classroom, schools, parents, teachers, administrators, students, etc. Think of all the hot educational topics the past few years. If you need to correct a word here or there, cross it out with ONE line and write the correct word above it. Writing over erased paper can blur words. Stick to the topic. Any extra additions had better be on the topic. Writing about something else is a sure way to fail.

Your essay should flow. One sentence should flow to the next. One paragraph should flow to the next. This will make your essay cohesive. See the next tip. Make a strong opening paragraph and an equally strong concluding paragraph. Make a good impression and leave 'em with one. Write about an experience in a classroom when you learned about one of these standards. Did it have a lastinf effect on you?

Why or why not? Hope it will help you. I'm not clear what you are asking. Are you wondering what the topics might be? Or, are you looking for sample topics to use in writing practice essays? Hey, this is third time you've asked this question! At least this time you put it in its own thread, I suppose. Okay, I just moved another answer from yet another thread you posted that was identical to this one, which I then deleted. If you spam the forums like this again, I will be forced to suspend your membership.

I just placed the same warning on another thread. Possibly you are doing this in good faith, just trying to ask different members the same question. Whatever your motivation, though, just stop. I don't want this to be spam.

I'm getting ready to take the exam on August 8th. I'm still trying to get aquainted with this forum. Please bare with me. Say, thanks for asking this question. Anyway, I had an idea about how you can prepare for this test, but it would take a little of your time. The book I'm using for my college writing class there are all kinds of sample questions that go with different readings. You might be able to get something similar at the library or just samples online. The book I am using is called "Patterns for a Purpose.

According to Wikipedia the scoring is based on the following areas.

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Nov 01,  · Here are some writing topics which I read from CBEST reviewers. There are not the actual cbest essay but it you can use it more to practice you essay writing, Topic 1: Sometimes success is harder to accept than failure. Write about such situation you faced when success brought its own difficulties.

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Topics for the Writing Section of CBEST Best Way to Write CBEST Essay The Law and Employment Board of California stresses that all educators who are working or aspire to work in the state should be certified through the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST).

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The CBEST Essay: Passing the Essay the First Time When I first took the CBEST test, I went in without preparation. I past the writing section the first time; the other sections I scored just below List of CBEST Essay Topics - from Official Site. The CBEST Essay Writing test is a basic assessment of the essay-writing skills of the teaching candidates in California.

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You must write two CBEST essays for the California Basic Educational Skills Test. The first of these essays will be the personal essay question. The second type of essay that you will have to write for the test is the expository type of essay. The Writing section of the CBEST assesses basic skills and concepts that are important in performing the job of an educator in California. This section includes two topics that assess your ability to write effectively.