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Critical and Creative Thinking

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❶It is also observed that by proper training creative thinking can be improved.

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Critical and Creative Thinking Essay Sample
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Reading and writing have always been strongly linked to each other. So, as the active reading appeared in order to make the best out of the process of reading — effective writing appeared to make the best out of the process of writing. Effective writing is a combination of writing skills used in order to achieve certain goals. Effective writing includes different kinds of papers such as all types of proposals, reports, letters, emails, memos and many others.

Effective writing works for the development of an ability to be convincing even in written form. Owing to effective writing a person is able to find a personal style of writing which will the most acceptable and productive for him. Being successful in effective writing means to know the appropriate tone for each existing kind of communications and eliminated everything unnecessary from the writing products.

Effective writing may be also viewed as the result or a consequence of active reading as active reading renews the vocabulary and teaches appropriate tones of communications.

Therefore, both, active reading and effective writing are phenomena that develop creative thinking. Benefits of each skill. It goes without saying that creative thinking helps to find extraordinary solutions of ordinary problems.

One of the major benefits of creative thinking is that is completely contradicts the standard critical thinking. As new creative ideas always seem weird to the people around a person with creative thinking will be more socially independent and will have a higher self-esteem. Creative thinking is also the key to release from numerous existing solutions-stereotypes and cultural traditions, creating something completely qualitatively new.

Therefore, a person psychologically becomes more confident. Creative thinking constantly brainstorms the mind, which generates new ideas. Among the most important qualities of creative thinking Robert Harris outline major ones: Creative thinking also goes through certain analytical stages, which altogether produce the desired final unique solution2.

Active reading and its tips such as underlining and highlighting, noting key words, noting down questions to the text and making final summaries, converts the process of simple reading into the process of learning which is the synonym of active reading.

Active reading trains the memory and the ability to create strong intellectual connections between the information that is being perceived. Active reading teaches a person to pick exactly what he needs to know without stopping at unnecessary details in a rather short period of time. Therefore, active reading may be also viewed as a time management technique. It sets the knowledge priorities and helps the reader to obtain the needed information in the most productive possible way. Effective writing as it has been mentioned before helps to find a definite style for the writer.

Nevertheless, it far not the only benefit effective writing brings. It goes without saying that effective writing implies the improvement of knowledge in capitalization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, abbreviation, and others. The other prominent ones are the following: Similar to active reading, effective writing is very helpful in the improvement of the ability to set goals and to achieve exactly the needed result and no other.

The writer will benefit from knowing how to set a topic, a thesis and the format of a given paper. Both active reading and effective writing are designed to make a person successful creating creative thinkers. Each skill is a subject to definite challenges that a person trying to learn them may experience. As the best way to analyze the challenges is by providing vivid examples, the author ventures to provide his humble opinion on the topic.

It is common knowledge that people in their majority lack assiduousness and persistence when it comes to making something until the end.

They seek for fast-relievers. Achieving success in the fields of active reading, effective writing and therefore creative thinking do offer certain challenges that need to be discussed.

Creative thinking requires constant work of imagination and therefore the full-usage of the resources of the brain; creative activity requires hard work. It is very hard to turn off the critical thinking with all its convergent, reasoning and judgment-based nature. As this is the primary condition under which creative thinking will start working the author considers it to be the biggest problem he faced while trying to think creatively.

Another hard thing in creative thinking is to understand that every single problem has not just a solution but also several possible ways out any situation. The author considers that in order to develop the willingness to create and find new ways the person needs to practice through making himself do the things that he has always done one way — another innovative and creative way.

Of course it is hard to forget about the personality types, because it will be much easier for a person with an external type to develop creative thinking owing to their openness to the world around and their ability to perceive and combine the information obtained from it.

An internal person would be more critical and therefore have fewer opportunities to add creativity to his everyday life. Active reading and effective writing require persistence but the speed of their assimilation in the mind of a person completely depends of the individual peculiarities of the person.

For instance, the author of the paper needs immediate results in order to stimulate himself for further work. Disorganized people desperately need to learn how to manage their time and to get results rather quickly. So active reading and effective writing are designed to help such people to learn how to manage their time and be successful at home and especially at work.

The major difficulties with creative thinking, active reading, and effective writing are that they need constant training. I was fascinated by how people react to different situations and what emotions they displayed. I analyzed all the possible paths I would have to take in becoming a counselor since I only had a GED and had already used a good portion my grants. I had to also consider what college I would go, how I would pay for it, and transportation cost if I needed to travel far. I also had to consider my family, because I was responsible for taking care of my disabled mother and my son.

I choose a community college that was close by and offer the degree I needed. It was also affordable and had flexible school hours because of the many of the alumni were considered non-traditional students like myself which they had excellent a support system and accommodations with the course load.

This was a tedious process that took much thought and consideration, I now love the path that I am taking to the career that I really want. Critical thinking skills are vital in decisions like this. It could be very easy to think that I would be getting a better deal by being a cosmetologist and making a decent living, but would I be fulfilled with that decision.

Critical thinking helps us look at all the aspects involved. I am much happier now that I am on the right path Critical and creative thinking is a lifelong process of solving many different problems.

Both are necessary to come to a conclusion, they complement and enhance each other. Both thinking require high levels of thought. And we have to initiate both when solving problems settling disputes and reaching our goal on a day to day thinking process when trying to figure things out we have to use both the creative and critical thought process.

I know that if I had not used critical thinking in my career choice I would be living life with regrets of what could have been.

The Thinkers guide to critical and creative thinking. Foundations for Critical Thinking Plus. Creative and Critical Thinking: Assessing the Foundation of a Liberal Arts Education. Through Scout Finch's innocent, unfiltered eyes we see the prejudice in Encouraging the spread of mobile phones is the most sensible and effective response to the digital divide It was an idea born in those far-off days of the internet bubble: The central idea is the theology of liberation which seeks to transform the world.

In order to do this a new mode of thinking about God and everything else that is connected to him is called for in all Christians. Social transformation by Christians is done through adding systematic reason to their faith in God. This helps them to take a look at the oppression Our biggest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure….. The latter was a personality, I personally felt compelled to bestow him.

He must have thought about mankind. He must have been closer to God than any other man. An idea of life is to help people in a worthy manner and take internal satisfaction by doing this so I have selected a medical profession. A medical profession is the one of the best profession by which one gets satisfaction by helping community.

It is the only profession by which the community gets the contribution. A medical profession also opens the doors to work Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

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Critical and Creative Thinking Essay Sample. There are different types of ways to think. There are things we do every day without much thinking, such as blinking, waking up, walking and so on.

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