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Determinants of Supply

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❶More specifically, if I'm selling 10 bananas and only five peoplewant a banana, then I have too many bananas.

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Economists break down the determinants of a firm's supply into 4 categories: Price; Input Prices; Technology; Expectations; Supply is then a function of these 4 categories. Let's look more closely at each of the determinants of supply.

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That is a movement along the same supply curve. When factors other than price changes, supply curve will shift. Here are some determinants of the supply curve. 1. Production cost: Since most private companies’ goal is profit maximization. Higher production cost will lower profit, thus hinder supply.

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Start studying Determinants of Supply. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Definition: Determinants of supply are factors that may cause changes in or affect the supply of a product in the market place. What Does Determinants of Supply Mean? These factors include: 1. Production technology: an improvement of production technology increases the output. This lowers the average and marginal costs, since, with the .

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Determinants of supply are the factors that affect the supply of a product or service and that cause a shift in the supply curve. However, these factors are held constant (according to the law of supply) to alleviate the effect of the law of supply especially with relation with quantity supplied and the supply price. Determinants of supply (also known as factors affecting supply) are the factors which influence the quantity of a product or service supplied. We have already learned that price is a major factor affecting the willingness and ability to supply.