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Aging & Elderly Issues: Elder Abuse Research Paper Starter

Aging & Elderly Issues: Elder Abuse

❶However, as the parents continue to age, they may need increasing help with the instrumental activities of daily living such as going outside the home, light housework, preparing meals, taking medications in the manner prescribed, using the telephone, paying bills, and keeping track of money.

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Elder Abuse. Custom Elder Abuse Essay Writing Service || Elder Abuse Essay samples, help

There is limited evidence that supports the focus on the elderly people who the victims, hence most researchers concentrate on the abuser perpetrator The identification of the elderly abuse proves to be difficult for the healthcare Workers. Most of professionals concerned with elderly people's care giving have expressed the lack of confidence in reporting the abuses.

Education and training for the Doctors should also include the chronological age structure with the focus on the adult protection. This will be very significant in the efforts to prevent of the elderly abuse. Despite the efforts which have been input in attempting to improve the awareness On the issue of elderly abuse, the elderly people who reside in the long-term care units are likely to be exposed to more vulnerable situations.

Research was extensively carried out to examine the knowledge and the perceptions of the staff members working in the long-term care section on what constitutes the act of elderly abuse. Compared with the surveys done in other countries, the prevalence was lower for all types of abuse, but highest when it came to neglect. This was a reflection of the differences between the UK and the other countries, O'Keeffe et al, Interview In order to find out more insides on the findings that indicate women to be having a long lifespan as compared men and followed by mistreatment, an interview was carried out and Mrs.

Jones was the main corresponded, Mrs. Jones is a an Elderly woman who lives in the Caregiver units established by the government. According to her, the prevalence of abuse with the exclusion of negligence, increased with age for men, while it decreased with age for women. Concerning the variation of elderly abuse with various factors she said that; Mistreatment varies with the socio-economic position of the elderly majority of those who last worked in semi-routine and full routine jobs who worked for small employers being at higher risk.

Overall, those who were living in the rented housing had the highest tendency to be neglected. She had witnessed the highest level of mistreatment by separated or divorced to partners as compared to those who were widowed.

However she said that People who were living alone were more likely to experience financial abuse as compared to those living with others. She said that mistreatment by the health status tends to increase with the declining health status. The level of elderly abuse was highest for people with: Men comprised of the highest percentage in the interpersonal elderly abuse are it physically, psychologically and sexually with women being less abusive.

The age structure of most perpetrators tended to be younger especially for those who carried out financial abuse as she compared to those carried out interpersonal abuse. On the mode of reporting the incidences of elderly abuse, she said that the majority of the incidents were reported or sought help. This contrasted to the common assumptions the notion of "abuse" as only physical violence. She confirmed that the risk factors for negligence included; female gender, aged of 85 years and above, severe suffering or a much deteriorated health status and the likelihood of one being in receipt of, or in close touch with, the services.

Discussion The issue of elderly abuse is a very vital, There is need to address it, particularly in the long-term care settings where the elderly People totally depend on external help and are more vulnerable to abuse. This study ascertains the perceptions that different people take concerning the state of elderly and the associated abuse. Amongst the nurses and social workers who worked in long-term care setups for older people. Most of the staff in the care units doesn't have the basic education which can enable them deal with the elderly abuse and there was a considerable uncertainty on what constitutes elderly abuse.

There is need to setup the standards for the providers of care and support services to the elderly people. These standards should be based on key factors such as the risk factors for them to be relevant to the efforts of prevention of the abuses The following steps need to be taken in order to improve on the elderly care units. These developments aim at influencing the background on which abuse is recognised as a very big social problem.

The government department in charge of Health should launch a Dignity campaign in Care, coupled with the dignity tests, championship and a dignity challenge that ensures zero tolerance of all forms of abuse in the provision of services and to ensure that the elderly people feel freely to complain without the fear of retribution Mowlam Et al The significance of partnership working between the hospitals and the social care units, between the social care and the police, the voluntary and independent sectors was a reflection of very successive policy documents.

Adults are at the highest risk because they are susceptible to be affected by disability, mental disorders, illness, ageing, the elderly are unable to provide themselves with protection from abuse and are vulnerable to abused than young persons. Abuse therefore should be defined to mean any conduct which can harm or exploit an individual be it physically, psychologically or through actions such as theft, embezzlement, fraud and extortion.

Self-abuse is also a serious issue that should be addressed together with any other conduct which may cause fear, an alarm or a lot of distress. Elderly neglect should be grouped into three main categories which include; The day to day activities such as shopping for food or clothing, preparation of meals, carrying out routine housework, traveling or transportation The Personal care and hygiene such as washing, bathing, dressing, undressing, and eating Help when it comes to correct dosage and the timing of medication.

For those who live alone, or in receipt of elderly services, those with a worsened health status, the elderly men, and divorced women, separated, or lonely. The risk of financial abuse is very high.

Most of the elderly women who were aged 60 and above experienced the highest risk of interpersonal abuse. While men felt lonely in their old age, however both men and women reported three or more depressive symptoms in association with elderly abuse. The highest rate of interpersonal elderly abuse was reported amongst the women who were separation or divorced with their husbands.

Studies show that over 3, nurses are stressed out and overworked. Long shifts and the on-call availability will wear a nurse down over time. They will sometimes even have to work twenty-four to thirty-six hour shifts. This can make it hard for nurses to perform to their full ability. This would make it more considerable for an elder to not get there full care and end up being abused. The most we could do was to beg a manager to come in and help, and this was unsuccessful 95 percent of the time.

We were just told to do our best Schwamberger said. When your best means that your patients are at high risk of not being treated appropriately, many nurses choose to just walk away rather than risk our license for having to provide care in such a risky environment.

Some nurses say the reason they are overworked is because there are too many seniors and not enough nurses to care for them, often called work overload. By the year , it is estimated that Texas alone will have to inquire over 55, additional health care aides to maintain their current levels of healthcare.

In about twenty-five years, almost one fifth of Americans will be at least sixty-five years old. Others believe it is a privilege to have a growing elderly population. We should focus on what we can do to support aging. Also help create a positive future lies with five key needs among elderly people: We must respond to these needs if we want to help them to remain effective contributors in society.

Living older is also becoming the new normal. Elderly people are healthier and live longer now more than ever before. Many people do not believe that many elders use technology in their daily lives.

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- This essay will begin by giving a definition of elder abuse and it will then go on to briefly explain elder abuse. It will then move on to discuss the causes and consequences of elder abuse. It will then outline the ways in which policy and practice has responded to the problem of elder abuse since the protection of our future: Report of the working group on elder abuse was published in

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Nurses may play an important role in preventing and identifying elder abuse, as well as in the subsequent investigation. CONCLUSION. Elder abuse is a significant problem in the United States and often goes unreported and unrecognized. Elder abuse may be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or .

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Elder Abuse Essay - Elder Abuse Population ageing is currently one of the most significant demographic trends and becoming a worldwide problem(cite) specially among the elderly who are often the most recognized and forgotten group in this analysis. Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment (e.g., physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial) that results in harm or loss inflicted on an older person. In addition, elder abuse may include domestic violence. Elder abuse need not be intentionally inflicted through an action; neglect can also be .

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Elderly abuse is defined as, " the systematic maltreatment, physical, emotional or financial, of an elderly person by a care giving relative". In America 5% to 10% of the elderly are victims of moderate to severe abuse, and 42% of the population over 65 was supported by care giving relatives said the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA). Custom Elder Abuse Essay Writing Service || Elder Abuse Essay samples, help Introduction Abuse to the elderly people has been a common practice in most societies in different parts of the world, there is need to stop this trend in line with the protection of human rights.