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Cause and Effect Essay: Child Abuse

Essay title: Emotional Abuse

❶Nevertheless, there are physical effects that are also presented in the victims.

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Effects of Emotional Child Abuse Essay Sample

Physical abuse is often reported by doctors and teachers, on rare occasions by neighbors who notice different signs of severe physical injuries on the child body. Emotional abuse is the third type of child abuse, and it is very hard to identify this sort of ill-treatment.

As a result of emotional abuse, a child can have speech problems, physical development lags, disruptive or hyperactive behavior.

Sexual abuse is the fourth type of child abuse, and the least frequency reported type. It is important to understand causes of child abuse to prevent it.

According to the specialists in this area, there are three causes of child abuse: In this group, we can also include parents who suffered from abuse and violence in their childhood and can reproduce only such behavior.

Also, some parents are not differentiating discipline from physical abuse and trying to use violent methods to teach children right things. And the last subgroup parents with different psychological disorders, which are not able to make right decisions themselves. Ecological causes are connected with alcohol and drug usage by parents or relatives.

Another environmental cause is poverty. Parents with marriage problems or divorced couples can hate their children because they changed the life of the couple, this usually leads to emotional abuse.

In the majority of cases, abusive parents expect their children to make them happy. And if a child is not able to meet such demands, parents start physically abuse their children. The last cause of child abuse is child problems. They are usually connected with child psychological or physical disorder.

The end effect of child abuse depends on its type: Should parents spank their children? Your research paper is written by certified writers Your requirements and targets are always met You are able to control the progress of your writing assigment You get a chance to become an excellent student!

People Should it be illegal for a couple to adopt a child just because both partners are of the same sex? Should same sex couples be denied the right to become parents?

Chil Abuse Every child is vulnerable to abuse. Today parents must face the possibility that someone may hurt or take advantage of your child. Research indicates that as many as one out of every four children will be the victims of some kind of abuse Child Abuse Child abuse is a widespread problem that unfortunately is affecting many people in our society.

The number of children that are abused in our society is growing every year and something must be done about this Therefore, they might become isolated and have a physical issue. Additionally, people may lose concentration in school or work. For instance, students always feel tired in class. As a result, they do not understand what their teacher taught them.

Thus, students can fail examination. All of these negative situations can happen with addition social networking. There is a variety of social networking.

Firstly, parents should monitor time of their children using social networking at home. To illustrate, they can make a plan for using social networking, studying and do exercise in each day for teenagers.

Consequently, they would control their using time for social networking. Moreover, people should go outside activities. For instance, they can go to the gym to exercise with friends. In addition, they can play many popular sports such as swimming, football, basketball and tennis. Finally, schools should limit online games and only open a lot of useful studying.

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Emotional abuse is a pattern of behavior that attacks a child's emotional development and sense of self-worth. Reasons why emotional abuse occurs are also some of the same reasons why most physical abuse occurs. No single factor may lead to abuse, but together they can create the social and emotional pressures that lead to emotional abuse/5(3).

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Free Emotional Abuse papers, essays, and research papers. Childhood Emotional Abuse Essay Words | 10 Pages. Although all therapists are aware of the childhood emotional abuse issue, it is possible that only few therapists understand the scope of the issue. Emotional maltreatment is harder to detect than other forms of abuse because it is more subtle.

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While this paper will highlight several different types of abuse and define them, the main focus will be on emotional abuse, which is the hardest type of abuse to spot in a child. Other names for emotional abuse are verbal abuse, mental abuse, and psychological maltreatment or abuse. Sep 21,  · Child abuse by:Melissa Lecouffe Table of contents 1-Definition on child abuse 2-Types of child abuse 3-Effects of child abuse 4-Dangers of child abuse 5-How to stop child abuse Definition of child abuse Child abuse is any form of physical, psycological, social, emotional or sexual maltreatment* of a .