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ESL Teacher Resume Sample

Art Teacher Resume Template

❶To write an effective teacher resume one should first mention an influential objective or headline statement which should be able to catch the eyes of the hiring manager. Highly committed and energetic professional teacher with strong knowledge and practical experience of child care and development seeks to work as a teacher at MAIDEN Schools to provide top quality, personalized lessons to students.

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It should also go without saying that you should never lie on a resume. Resumes are all about the spin. Regardless of the field of your past experiences, you can find a way to spin them so that the skills you learned and qualities that are relevant to teaching English stand out. For starters, include any experiences that you have working with students in the age range of the position.

Even if they aren't in-classroom experiences, noting that you have tutored fellow classmates, been a camp counselor at summer camp , or babysat on the weekends are all examples of experiences that demonstrate your skills with children and youth. It's also important you demonstrate any leadership experiences you have that can carry on to your skills teaching in the classroom.

Were you president of a school club? Served as first chair violinist in your high school orchestra? Organized a trash pick up day for residents of your dorm? Led a class debate team to victory? Of course, as you're applying for a position teaching English, include any English language experiences as well, such as writing for a student newspaper, involvement in a poetry club, or taking journalism or literature courses at your university.

The first section we recommend you include on your resume -- after your name and contact details -- is an objective. Only one to three sentences in length, this section is a succinct way to summarize yourself as a candidate and your intentions in submitting your resume for a certain position.

Of course, this section needs to be tailored to each specific job you apply for, for example: The experience section is perhaps the most important section of your resume, as it provides potential employers with the meat of why you are a great candidate. To see what such objective statements look like, here are 22 examples of teacher resume objectives, which you can use as a template in writing yours:.

Looking to join the team at Skyrock Higfh School as a Classroom Teacher, bringing English Bilingual skills and exceptional ability to help students master the skills and content required to graduate from high school with good grades.

Highly effective student-centered educator seeking the job of an Elementary Classroom Teacher, bringing strong knowledge and experience of technology integration skills, current best practices, inclusion, and differentiation.

Seeking to join the energetic team of professional educators at Rolyday as Early Care Classroom Substitute Teacher; coming with several exceptional abilities, including ability to deliver early childhood and child development principles and practices effectively. Applying for the job of Elementary Classroom Teacher at eBright Schools, Inc where exceptional ability to implement approved curriculum and assist students to succeed and grow in interpersonal and academic skills will be fully applied.

Seeking the position of Elementary Math and Science Teacher in an academically rigorous school where my ability and experience at motivating students to attain their highest potential and also building them for a successful career in a global market place will be fully applied. Desiring the job of an Elementary School Teacher in SoundLearning Schools where strong experience in applying inquiring method in teaching, with huge success in all content areas, as well as great STEM and basic background will be useful.

Looking to work as an Elementary Teacher Grade 1 in a school of high diversity and inclusion; bringing 7 years experience working with elementary level students from various backgrounds and cultures. Seeking the job of First Grade Teacher at StudyRight Academy; bringing enormous experience at providing the right environment for learning for all students to achieve both academic and social success. You will notice that it has been properly headlined with her name at the top of the page along with the page number, followed by a heading detailing the continuation of the accomplishments section.

The professional achievements highlighted in the second page continue to be strong accomplishments, including: You can find additional information about writing an ESL resume in this article. Following the professional achievements section is Mona's teaching experience. In addition to detailing the job candidate's teaching experience, the sample ESL resume provides information on the types of schools she has taught at, as well as the student population.

This is important, as the type of student population will let the reader know how many ESL students she had and what type of support they have. Mona's everyday duties are also detailed under her current teaching position.

In this paragraph, the subjects she teaches are highlighted, testing preparation, as well as school involvement.

Because Mona has been teaching for a very long time, it's not important to highlight every teaching position, so in Mona's resume, her older teaching experiences are listed underneath in an italics paragraph that does not list the years employed since they were so long ago. This way, the experiences are listed, while also not specifically highlighting how old she is.

If a school fears she may retire soon, she may be overlooked for a teaching position. Mona's community involvement and recognition as Teacher of the Month are also very prevalent, and prompt the reader to think of her as an exceptional teacher candidate. Lastly, this section is followed by her technical proficiencies which highlight her ability to excel in a 21st century learning environment.

The resume is completed with a call to request references if desired. References should always be placed on a separate sheet of paper from your resume. As your references are a powerful document in your application process, only provide them when asked for, otherwise provide them at the job interview.

Sample English Teacher Resume

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Our resume samples and writing tips can help guide you through the process. Get started now! In this writing guide, we provide four teacher resume samples. Whether you teach For instance, in our English teacher sample resume, here’s an example of an .

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How to Create an ESL Teacher Resume that Will Get You the Job to obtain a position teaching English to Elementary school students in Madrid or highly skilled ESL Teacher The skills section is another place where you can concisely list the relevant skills you have that will help you succeed in a teaching position. You can list both hard.

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Crafting a Secondary English Teacher resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Teacher Resumes. The following is a free example of an English Teacher resume that you can copy and edit for your needs. Background: English Teacher, in some places called language arts teacher, instructs students in the English language and literature.

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The best English Teacher Resume Samples. Discover what to write in the objective, strengths, skills and experience sections of the resume. English teacher, – present Concord International School We use Google Tag Manager to monitor our traffic and to help us AB test new features: . 9+ Sample Teacher Resumes Preparing a powerful and startling teacher resume is extremely important for both experienced as well as entry-level teachers to advance in their careers. These Resume Templates and samples which come with plenty of varieties help the candidates to prepare powerful resumes with ease.