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Short Essay on The Educational System in India

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❶Since then, India has made good progress in the field of primary education.

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Primary education system
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Schools today are falling away from the true focus of education. Americans are replacing effective teaching with needless and tedious assignments, only to overwork students. Since when is staying up until one in the morning doing busy work more valuable than having free time to explore passions and learning life lessons through experience?

Schools today are not preparing students to be lifelong learners and successful participants in the real world at an adequate level. Students are not given possibilities to explore their areas of interest deeply, as they are forced to follow an extremely structured course of education.

Ideas that do not fit within assignment guidelines are shot down and disregarded. Many students cannot succeed in this rigid system that limits their curious natures and personal passions.

Her ability to focus and grades were not great. But she loved to dance. She learned best when she was moving, which schools restrict. Because of this, she transferred to a dance school where she became a successful and eventually professional dancer.

If she had continued attending a regular school, she would not have been able to succeed to that extent later in life due to the boundaries school set around how students learn. These restrictions can prevent learning more than they inhibit it in many cases.

They cause students to lose their natural creativity and conform to dull, meaningless standards. In this way, schools often prevent students from flourishing to their maximum potential. The education system is too controlling over students. Schools prevent students from growing and learning at their own pace, as intended in nature. Students are forced to change their motives to attaining good grades over learning at their own speed for their own benefit and personal fulfillment.

The pressure from schools to keep up and follow the rigid schedule that is loaded with an abundance of work leaves students scurrying to get things done. The repercussion is a short fall in quality. Students scratch out work in order to complete tasks at the lowest quality possible while still attaining a solid grade. The demand of the education system for students to excel in grades and scores so they will be accepted into highly regarded colleges causes students to do their work solely to achieve these high grades and scores, rather than with the honest intent to learn.

It helps in developing her personality. Self-education can be done with or without the formal education that people get at schools, and universities. Thus, it can both be complimentary or supplementary to formal education, depending on the way the student is conducting his study on a subject or branch.

Education is of utmost importance for eradicating the unemployment problem of our country. However, apart from an improved system of general education, there is a great need for the growth of vocational education. Education Education is an important medium of acquiring skills and knowledge. Its Meaning and Importance Education: The new thrust in elementary education emphasizes two aspects; 1 universal enrolment and universal retention of children up to 14 years of age; and 2 a substantial improvement in the quality of education.

The policy pledges to provide essential facilities in primary schools, including at least two reasonable large rooms usable in all weathers, and necessary toys, blackboards, maps, charts and other learning material. At least two teachers, one of them a woman, should be there in every school, the number increasing to one teacher per class as early as possible.

The policy also introduces a non-formal form of education for school dropouts, for children from habitations without schools, working children and girls who cannot attend whole day school.

In order to provide good quality modern education to the talented children predominantly from the rural areas, the government launched in a scheme to establish Navodaya Vidyaiaya on an average one in each district. The National policy on Education NPE , accorded high priority to vocationalisaiion of education at the secondary stage. In the field of higher education, provision will be made for minimum facilities and admission into colleges and universities and will be regulated according to capacity.

Courses and programmes will be redesigned and the present affiliation system will be replaced by a freer and more creative association of universities and colleges. Research will get more support.

The Open University system has been initiated to augment opportunities for higher education. The policy provides for declining degrees from jots for which university degree need not be a necessary qualification. Its implementation will lead to a refashioning of job-specific courses and afford greater justice to those candidates who, despite being equipped for a given job, are unable to get it because of an unnecessary preference for graduates, the document explains. In the area of Technical and Management Education the policy maintains that reorganization should take into account the anticipated scenario by the turn of the century, with specific reference to the like changes in the economy, social environment, production and management processes, the rapid expansion of knowledge and the great advances in science and technology.

Step will be taken to make technical and management education cost-effective. The curricula and processes of education will be enriched by cultural content in as many ways as possible.

Children will be enabled to develop sensitivity to beauty, harmony and refinement. Linkages will be established between the university system and institutions of higher learning in art, archaeology, oriental studies, etc. The new policy also promises to make efforts to secure easy accessibility to books for all segment of the population. The policy envisages reorganization of the methods of recruiting teachers to ensure merit, objectivity and conformity with spatial and functional requirement.

The new programmes of teacher-education will emphasize continuing education. District Institutes of Education and Training DIET will be set it to organize pre- service and in service courses for elementary school teachers and for the personnel working in non-formal and adult education. To give the policy a practical shape, lot of funds would be required.

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Free Essay: The education system has been a controversial issue among educators. Requirements of school do not let student choose what they want to study for.

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An Essay on the Present Education System. We live differently in the 21st century. This century is highly connected with technology advancement, high mobility, globalization, and generation Z. Generation Z or iGeneration is a name used for the cohort of people born from the early s to the present day.

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Essay on Education: Short Essay on Education! Education is an effort of the senior people to transfer their knowledge to the younger members of society. It is thus an insti­tution, which plays a vital role in integrating an individual with his society and in maintaining the perpetuation of culture. Our Education System Needs to Be Improved essaysOur Education System Needs To Be Improved Education plays an important role in our society, which is the key of success for our future. This is why everybody has the obligation to go to school. Therefore, education system shall be considerate seriou.

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Short Essay on Education and its Advantages. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On July 24, By Vikash Chamaria. Education. However, apart from an improved system of general education, there is a great need for the growth of vocational education. Conclusion. Creating a good paper about US education system is a very complicated task. If you want to succeed with your writing, be sure to read this essay example.