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Essay on Arrange Marriage vs. Love Marriage

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❶Arranged marriage couples have the tendency to adjust with persistence and forbearance.

14 Facts on Arranged Marriages in India for a Narrative Essay

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However, if you just have troubles with organizing your narrative essay, then visit our guide that will help you produce an excellent paper. Also you can easily buy a narrative essay online custom written by professional writers. Arranged marriages losing respect in India? The Times of India. Retrieved 7 December , from http: Intercaste and inter-community marriages in India. I Married a Total Stranger. If you are in an arranged marriage in India and get a divorce, many parents will disown their child.

In India, arranged marriages are viewed not as something done based on feelings, but something done based on a commitment and through that commitment, feelings will develop with time. This form of thinking is one which is emotionally beneficial, and one which alters the psychology of the two people entering into the relationship. Trust, compatibility, love, and adjustment are proven factors in sustainable and long term marriages.

In fact, the manner in which the marriage was formed is not a significantly influencing factor in its success. In arranged marriages, for example, all of the new elements of the other person are discovered along the way, each day, something that adds charm and elongates the duration of mystery.

In India it is believed that marriages are contractual, but that within them time is adequate in fostering newer feelings for the person, something that keeps the feelings between the man and woman sustained throughout their lifetime, in newer and evolving ways. In India women are raised learning to cook and sew so as to make them more successful wives.

In India the potential husband and wife have the option of meeting one another before they marry to see if the relationship is sustainable. Once the two approve of the match, there is regularly a period of months or a year before the wedding takes place during which time the couple is engaged.

This period of time functions as a dating period, the same way dating periods take place in the west. The wedding ceremony in India is typically one week long and is paid for by the father of the bride. The father of the bride is also responsible for providing a dowry, or cash or gifts that accompany the bride as she moves into her new home. This is meant to be her form of financial security. In India, daughters marry into a family.

Marriage is not something that just takes place between the man and the woman, but rather, between the two families. And more specifically, it is something which takes place between the woman and the family of the man. Some households contain all of the wives and children for all of the sons. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for them to search a groom on their own.

Otherwise also, girl's consent is not considered compulsory in orthodox society. Even the young boys are also expected to mutely follow the decision taken by elders related to their marriage. On the other hand Love marriages are considered more of as western influence. Though, the concept is now acceptable in the modern societal set ups but it is still not embraced heartedly in rural parts of the country.

Love marriage is more acceptable and comprehensible to the modern generation. It helps the duo to know each other well, before taking the crucial decision of life. But independence covets highest degree of responsibility also. On one hand, love marriages grants the opportunity to choose the partner but the responsibility of choosing the right person is also laid on the shoulders of the couple only.

In arranged marriages, the burden and responsibility of choosing the right person is shared by elders of the family. Hence, in times of need family stand by and help to resolve any conflict or crisis situation. Any such cover or support is generally missing in love marriage.

When the two unknown individuals come together to tie the nuptial knots, they don't have any expectations from each other. Knowing and understanding each other takes a significant duration of time. And during this period they learn to compromise and accept each other as they are. But in case of love marriage there are higher expectations from both the sides. Though, the couple does possess an advantage of knowing each other but the circumstances and responsibilities change after marriage.

Many couples find it hard to adapt to the changing scenario and expect the things to move in the same direction as they were before marriage. This is one of the main reasons that later lead to unjustified and unreasonable demands put up by both the sides. Though, surviving an arranged marriage is even tougher.

In love marriage, the two individuals can easily sail through tough times if they have real faith in each other.

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Although an arranged marriage differs from a marriage based on love in the after marriage life and husband-wife relationship, the principal differences lie in mate selection and social implications. The arranged marriage is a contract between families, but not between individuals.

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Arranged Marriages: should the parents decide. Some people believe in love at first sight, while others believe it takes time to love someone. In life having a companion is a very important factor. It's hard to form a good relationship right when you meet that person. It takes time, patience, and /5(9).

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