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❶Some of them spend up to 18 hours a day on the internet. This makes the few schools with ICT facilities unable to use them regularly.

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These forms of technology provide teachers and students with vast quantities of information in an easily accessible, non-sequential format that can be used as teaching tool. According to Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamu , most experts in the field of education agreed that, when properly used, information and communication technology hold great promise of improving teaching and learning in addition to shaping workforce opportunities. In the more advanced industrialized nations, there has been a staggering amount of research and publication related to ICT use for educational purposes during the past decade.

Today, nearly everyone in the industrialized nations gained access to ICT and the purchase of computers for school use in nations such as the United States has been increasing in a pace that is difficult to keep track of. Thus it is difficult to know how many computer machines are now in American schools Harper, Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamu posited that, in Britain, the availability of computers in schools was made possible through government funding largely through the Local Education Authorities LEA.

Also, just as the United States and Britain have been budgeting huge sums of money for cyber education, so have other developed nations been doing same. Even many developing nations have embraced ICT. In Africa, concerted efforts have been made by many governments to initiate Internet connectivity and technology training programs.

Such programs link schools around the world in order to improve education, enhance cultural understanding and develop skills that youths need for securing jobs in the 21st century.

In Senegal, teachers and students are using computers extensively as information tools. Thus chalkboards and textbooks continue to dominate classroom activities in most secondary schools in Nigeria.

Technical education in tertiary institutions may not be left out. Technical education is a type of education which prepares individuals for the world of work.

It is also a viable tool for sustainable development. According to Man , technical education is the systematic and orderly transmission of knowledge, skills, and values to develop a workforce that is able to enhance productivity and sustain competitiveness in the global economy.

It encompasses the ability to accelerate economic growth, provide marketable labour supply, minimize unemployment and underemployment, infuse technical knowledge and reduce poverty.

Technical education refers to all measures whereby people acquire skills and provide them better access to employment and income. The e-learning is not a new phenomenon in promoting education in some parts of the world. Presently, some institutions in Nigeria are using it to promote distance education DE and lifelong learning. Hedge and Hayward , defined it as an innovative approach for delivering electronically mediated, well-designed, learner-centered and interactive learning environments to anyone, anyplace, anytime by utilizing the internet and digital technologies that concern the instructional design principles.

When compared with the developed countries, the educational uses of ICT on vocational education and training schools in Nigeria are still in the infancy stage because, most learners are taught by the traditional approach and often times with the resultant effect of poor performance. Computer assisted learning provides the active participation and hands-on-experience that learners require to construct meaningful learning.

The number of computers installed in the schools is deficient, considering access to computers; one computer is shared, on average by as many as fifty students. This implies that most times some of the students do not have the opportunity to use computers. The use of computer and ICT simulations to replace expensive equipment in vocational education and training schools can also be a cost effective application and an important means to secure equal access to education and to equal quality.

According to Bauer and Kenton many teachers have not integrated computers and ICT or used these tools to supplement instruction Bennett questioned whether schools would ever implement the potential for learning that computers and ICT offer. He argued that more effective education would result only if citizens, educators, parents, and politicians understand how computers could be used in schools effectively and software developers would create useful software.

Until schools can permit a major alteration in the way teaching is carried on, they must necessarily continue to miss out on the improvement that computer technology can bring. Okebukola reported that the computer is not part of classroom technology in more than 90 percent of Nigerian public schools. This implies that the chalkboard and textbook continue to dominate classroom activities in most Nigerian secondary schools. Ndiku cited by Wima and Lawler discovered that insufficient numbers of computers and peripheral devices inhibit deployment of ICT by teachers.

Lack of adequate search skills and of access points in the schools were reported as factors inhibiting the use of the Internet by secondary school teachers Kaku, The absence of ICT equipment in most Nigerian secondary schools leads students to resort to cybercaf?? It was reported by Southwood that more than 40 percent of the population of Africa is in areas not covered by telecom services. This implies that schools located in such areas will experience ICT connectivity problems, even when the schools are opportune to have ICT resources.

In this study, subject delivery is tantamount to teaching and learning. Chapin and Messick and Imogie asserted that the role of technology in teaching and learning is rapidly becoming one of the most important and widely discussed issues in contemporary education policy. Consequently, there is emphasis on the intensive use of ICT for teaching and learning in the developed world as a potent means of equipping students for successful and productive living in a technologically developed world Thomas, Through the simultaneous use of audio, text, multi colour, images, graphics, motion, computers give ample and exceptional opportunities to the students to develop capacities for high quality learning and to increase their ability to innovate.

According to Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamu , there are several impediments to the successful use of information and communication technology in secondary schools in Nigeria. In Nigeria also, most secondary school teachers lack the skills to fully utilize technology in curriculum implementation hence the traditional chalk and duster approach still dominates in secondary school pedagogy. Information transfer using ICT is minimal or non-existence in secondary schools in Nigeria Anao, This makes the few schools with ICT facilities unable to use them regularly.

Also, Dabesaki stated that many of the factors militating against the integration of ICT include: Poor power supply; High poverty level; High illiteracy level; Inconsistent political landscape; and Inadequate broadband among other things.

The cost of a Personal Computer PC and Laptop are still very high in Nigeria considering the income level of an average worker in the country.

Most of the students admitted by NOUN have no computer education background, hence they are afraid of operating one, some go to the extent of hiring expert at a cost to fill their admission, registration and other document meant for them to fill online. However, the very few who have access to the computer do not know how to use it and maximize it usage.

The cost of accessing internet is still very high in West Africa. Not until recently when computer education is been introduced at elementary level and it is not yet a compulsory subject at the secondary level of our education system.

ICT refutes independent learning and most of NOUN students are reluctant to take responsibility for their own learning. But they preferred to be spoon-fed at all times. It is very expensive to get some of the software because they are not developed locally, they are developed in Europe and other developed countries to suit their own system and make their own living. The cost and even the interpretation of the software put off some of the NOUN students who showed interest.

There are few technical staff to maintain the system, this make it very expensive for few NOUN students that has a PC to maintain when a technical problem is noticed.

The perennial problem in Nigeria is the problem of electricity instability which has been a major setback for our technological development. Some of NOUN students that reside in cities and towns are faced with the problem of epileptic supply of electricity. While majority of them live in rural areas that are not connected to the national grid. As well, according to Adeyemi , the major constraints hindering the use of ICT resources include poor power supply, poor infrastructure, lack of adequate skill, high cost, and unavailability.

From the aforementioned, it may be difficult for Nigerian schools to acquire and install ICT resources for subject delivery. The only way this policy was implemented was the distribution of computers to federal government high schools, which were never used for computer education of the students. No effort was made to distribute computer to state government or private schools.

Although the government planned to integrate ICTs into the school system and provide schools with infrastructure, concerted efforts have not been made to provide facilities and trained personnel. Communication technology includes telephone, radio, television, internet, and social media. As mentioned above, Communication Technology provides advantage and disadvantages to our society.

The advantages of communication technology are none other than the reason communication technology are being invented for, to let people around the world to communicate freely to each other, but now communication technology can share even more things such as photos, videos, and even organize events with people we did not know before.

But with the nature of communication technology to be free and open to everyone, some people tend to misuse communication technology for personal gain and interest by affecting other people. There have been cases where people post their social number or even bank account carelessly on their social media that attracts the idea of exploiting the advantages of communication technology.

Some users that post all kinds of photos on their social media also provide ample of information to the public and easily can be targeted by culprits.

Communication Technology brings us many advantages in our social life. It could help us to communicate our families, friends, and our other relatives.

For examples, Tango, Skype, and others. We could immediately voice call them, text them, or even video call them. It is useful and convenient for the teenagers, students, and businessman. It could help them to search information within a short time. For businessman, they could save their money for air ticket and time for flying overseas with doing their transaction through video call.

Do communication technology brings other advantages to us other than communicate with others? Other than communicate, it could help us to save our money and time.

For poor family, they could just connect the wi-fi that provided to contact the others through many apps such as Wechat, Line, Whatsapp and others. They could contact other without spending any money and they could just use a few minutes and even just a few second to post their pictures and check-in on facebook to lets the others know their recently places.

Taobao, Amazon, Ebay, etc. We could buy our technology equipment, clothes, shoes and even books through internet. For the people who like to read news, they could search the recently news faster than those who buy newspaper. They would also gets to know more information compared to the others who not using internet.

Social network, such as Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and others , would also brings us many disadvantages and inconvenient. Moreover, the impact on both private and public live of communication technology is increasing. Our privacy were violated and never been protected. Besides, nowadays, the app store provided some special apps that allowed the others to found out our own contact number and home address.

We do not have any privacy anymore and we would be very dangerous in every second. Businesses and customers also benefit from this speed. With all the electronic gadgets available these days a person will be distraught looking for a pretext not to communicate. Not having a phone or an internet connection is in fact a lame excuse.

Accessibility is especially helpful for work related activities. With easy access technology enables us to accomplish lots of things at work while we are at home in our pajamas. Speed and accessibility can only lead to productivity. When you get things done in a snap it means you get a lot of things done too. This is another positive impact of technology on communication. Being productive is important because a person will feel a sense of worth.

Very well written essay, it will surely help me in my assignment. Just want to add my thoughts, technology has made a huge impact on our ways of communication. You can simply call someone using mobile phone, anywhere in the world. Advancement in technology has really changed our lives. Yes, there is a negative part of everything, but if we utilize technology in better way, lives will become more simpler.

Technology has made huge impact on communication, now communication takes place in technical ways more.

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This essay is going to discuss about awareness of current and relevant issues, the uses of communication of technology, and both the advantages and disadvantages of communication technology. Besides, this essay will be also explaining the impact of communication technology and both private and public life and Health and Safety Communication.

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Jul 12,  · Introduction Communication technology becomes more developed in this world. Communication Technology is the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems. Everyone is relying to the communication technology nowadays. This essay is going to discuss the current issues and development surrounding Communication Technology. Impact of technology on communication is huge, let's discuss the negative and positive impact of technology on communication in detail.

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Communication Technology has a profound impact on both public and private life. In public life communication technology serve more advantages than disadvantages. Information and Communication Technology Essay example. Information and Communication Technology refers to a group of terms. In this project management, we have various forms of technologies, these can be used to collect, store, edit and pass the information.