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❶Big topics are better suited to books than an essay.

Definition: What is an Expository Essay?

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To keep it simple, though, break apart your paragraphs evenly, and distribute your ideas between them. This will also ensure you can construct your paragraphs appropriately. Here, your task is to make to focus of your body paragraph as clear as possible to the assessors. If you manage to set things up well at the beginning here, it not only puts your marker in a great mood, but it can help shape your content too.

A brief overview of what you are going to explore is sufficient; try not to delve too far into your ideas too quickly. If you summarise your whole argument, your paragraph will end up feeling repetitious and it leaves very little for your final sentence to accomplish. Clear and concise topic sentences work best, so aim to provide a clear TOPIC of discussion without telling us too much about your argument.

Now we get to the good stuff! The actual content of your body paragraphs is often where VCAA separates the mid-range from the upper-range students. So you need the examples to help you build up to those ideas, but you also need the discussion to turn your examples into useful Context content. So how much green do you have for every bit of yellow? Are you cramming the start of your paragraph with yellow and then discussing it all at the end? Are you spending way too long explaining a bit of evidence and running out of time for green discussion?

This will ensure you know how to demonstrate both of these core skills. Your examples will be partly based on your set text which you should look at in-depth for at least one body paragraph in a typical expository response and partly based on external sources.

These could be literary, political, historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological — whatever you like! It can also be worth finding examples that link to one another or to the set text so that you can combine your discussion to incorporate multiple sources. For any piece of evidence, explain how it supports your ideas and arguments. The clearer this explanation is, the better. Then, you just have to demonstrate that same thinking in your actual paragraphs. Then, just link these ideas to your overarching contention, and hammer home your points.

Why have you brought up these points? In what way do they help you? As the final part of your essay, the job of your conclusion is to not screw anything up! For instance, a descriptive essay can be assigned to a student to teach him to describe something such as a place, a person, an experience, an object, or a situation.

A cause and effect essay prompt may compel a student to discuss the causes and effects of cheating at school, thus reinforcing the idea that he should avoid cheating.

While the overall content of an expository essay will depend largely on the prompt, the student may have some freedom to choose the specific topic, or at least the angle; he wants to illuminate in the paper. For instance, he could explain the origin of a particular group of individuals in society; in such a case, the author should make the story as interesting as possible.

For a process essay, the writer could explain the process of digestion in a cow. A descriptive essay could describe a time when the writer experienced depression, as well as what he believes to be the cause of it.

Lastly, the topic for a problem or solution essay could be how society can reduce or eliminate racism, using facts to expose the history of racism in specific communities. The rubric outlines the requirements for an outstanding essay, a good one, a fair one, or a poor one. An outstanding essay would have an attention-grabbing introduction leading to a clear, defensible thesis; it would proceed with strong evidence in the body and end with a conclusion that explains to the reader why the thesis is correct.

Such an essay would also have near-perfect spelling and grammar throughout. On the other hand, a poor essay might not have an interesting opening, or it may have an unclear thesis, a lack of convincing evidence in the body, a conclusion that does not drive the point home, or a range of grammar and spelling mistakes. The writer must always read the prompt and rubric carefully before writing, and maybe even ask someone for help proofreading when the paper is done, to make sure the essay meets or exceeds standards.

Here you can look at the Expository Writing Sample. In short, an expository essay is similar to other types of essays. Its length can vary, depending on the requirements. However, while most essays require some creativity and research, an expository essay requires not only a high degree of creativity to help keep the text interesting but also plenty of iron-clad evidence to avoid bias against the writer. To write an outstanding expository essay, the student must keep the requirements and rubric in mind at all times.

Still not sure how to write a good expository essay? EssayService is here to help. Whatever you need to finish your writing and get a fantastic grade, you can buy it right here. Take a look at our reviews if you want to see what some happy customers have said. What is an Expository Essay?

How to Write an Expository Essay Following are the four basic steps to writing an expository essay: Essay Structure Outline According to Sedillo , an expository essay takes the structure of any other essay. Here are some more examples of expository essay prompts and what they are trying to achieve: This would require the writer to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the Holocaust and then decide, using evidence, whether the statement is correct.

Is animal testing ethical? Here, the student should evaluate the pros and cons of animal testing and then present an argument, using evidence, for or against the practice. Is cloning against humanity? This prompt requires the writer to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of cloning in general and then explain his position, using facts, on the ethics of human cloning.

Which female leader do you consider your mentor, and why? This prompt requires the student to choose a female leader as a mentor and use facts about that mentor to explain his choice, thus educating the reader about the virtues of his chosen female mentor.

If time travel were possible, which year would you want to go back to, and why?

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Expository essay sample vce to write about essay tentang gst. View this post on Instagram. Bloser, uk vce essay expository sample is the zaner. High - school yearsgrades through the making of an object. While they can tolerate obstacles to intercultural dialogue and conversations over the world.

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Writing Essays Years 11 VCE Task: Writing in context: (exploring themes) By now, you will be familiar with a text response essay, that is an expository/analytical essay focussing specifically on a text’s themes and characters.

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A typical expository writing prompt will use the words “explain” or “define,” such as in, “Write an essay explaining how the computer has changed the lives of students.” Notice there is no instruction to form an opinion or argument on whether or not computers have changed students’ lives. See Sample Plan/Format for expository/ hybrid/ persona-style: Hybrid essay. When writing expository essays relating to these themes you may wish to write a feature article or adopt “hybrid” format. A feature article can be compared with an expository essay with narrative and creative components.

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Aug 31,  · Expository essays are often assigned in academic settings. In an expository essay, you need to consider an idea, investigate the idea, then explain the idea. Some expository essays may include an argument, while others are purely informative. While it may seem overwhelming, writing an expository essay is easy if you take it one step at a time%(). If you are going to write an expository essay, be prepared to spend much time hitting books. Creating an effective essay of this type may seem to be a more difficult task compared to other essays. The main idea here is to explain some situation or describe how a certain process works.