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Replication Datasets

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❶It represents an upgrade of the original global small arms, light weapons and ammunition visualization produced by Google.

NAVCO Data Project

Journal of Peace Research Replication Data
Journal of Peace Research
Original Datasets

Manuscript Data for Replication Also includes files for creating institutionalization and formality variables, and institutionalization and formality values for all alliances in ATOP version 3. Alliance Reliability in Times of War: Explaining State Decisions to Violate Treaties.

Do Alliances Deter Aggression? American Journal of Political Science Alliance Treaty Obligations and Provisions, Long, and Sara McLaughlin Mitchell. Specific Threats, Specific Promises. Journal of Conflict Resolution Credible Commitments and International Cooperation: Guaranteeing Contracts Without External Enforcement.

Conflict Management and Peace Science Manuscript Leeds, Brett Ashley. Regime Type and International Interaction, Journal of Peace Research Domestic Political Vulnerability and International Disputes.

In ongoing campaign years, however, researchers should not view a progress value of 3 as equivalent to full success, since the campaign has not yet concluded. NAVCO 2 is a consensus data set. The data therefore may not include all nonviolent campaigns during the time period , because some unobserved campaigns were unknown to researchers prior to when the data collection occurred. Therefore, when researchers make claims based on the data, they should do so by arguing that those claims apply when drawn from a consensus list of mature, maximalist campaigns.

With large-scale data collection projects like NAVCO, information often becomes available that changes the way we code certain campaigns or that points us to new campaigns that we should include. If you think we've made a coding error, or you think we missed a campaign that belongs in the data set, we'd like to hear about it. Please submit your feedback here. Our initial data construction process is hard to replicate, and it is a work-in-progress.

Because of the nature of the data collection process where a vast literature review was combined with expert surveys and the consensus nature of the NAVCO data list, it may be difficult for researchers to rebuild the data from scratch and produce an identical list of campaigns. See the codebook for more details.

Please cite the Journal of Peace Research article as follows: Erica Chenoweth and Orion A. Goemans , Kristian S. Gleditsch and Giacomo Chiozza. A Data Set of Political Leaders. Supplemental materials available here. In Anti-Americanisms in World Politics , eds.

Katzenstein and Robert O. Giacomo Chiozza and H. Tenure and International Conflict. Replication data available here or here.

R functions to estimate two-stage probit models with clustered standard errors available here.

Replication Data

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Replication Datasets. The following list provides access to the datasets used by authors of articles appearing in Journal of Peace Research since Details on this policy can be found on our Submissions and Enquiries page. These files are made freely available and no special permission is required to use them.

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Replication Data Journal of Peace Research Replication Data PRIO's Journal of Peace Research makes replication datasets for all its articles available on its replication pages.

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Journal of Peace Research strives for a global focus on conflict and peacemaking. The journal encourages a wide conception of peace, but focuses on the causes of violence and conflict resolution. The journal encourages a wide conception of peace, but focuses on . Title: Journal of Peace Research. Published by: SAGE. On behalf of: Peace Research Institute of Oslo. Journal of Peace Research Replication Data.

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Journal of Peace Research Journal of Peace Research Replication Data annual data, relating to 67 provinces of Turkey,2 rather than a cross-country analysis. Second, in addition to the. Journal of Peace Research Replication Data This trend warranted a Journal of Conflict Resolution special issue on disaggregating conflict. journal of PEACE RESEARCH 49(3) Downloaded from at Stanford University Libraries on November 20,