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Essay, Research Paper: Louis Armstrong

Essay title: Louis Armstrong

❶The public was led to believe that Germany was going to win the war, and it looked forward to a much- improved socio-economic climate. Jazz breathes life into the listener, and embodies life in America.

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Louis Armstrong the first great jazz soloist

With years of jazz experience, he was able to perfect his work leading to originality. As a result, he used his revolutionary language to build a legend in the entertainment industry that is remembered to date.

His efforts and determination had positive social impacts where he mentored fans and other followers to enhance their musical carriers. In the modern day, jazz music has been known to be inspiring through the set lyrics that have common goals towards the human societal attributes.

Jazz music is one of the genres. Notably, each music genre is associated with specific value and moral backgrounds in its time of origin. Jazz music originated from communities that joined to form the black American societies; hence, had rich, independent and rooted traditions.

As a result, Armstrong being one of the godfathers enhanced the transitory of jazz from his generation to the current one through music.

He embraced the music due to the presence of improvisation whereby an artist would improvise the lyrics to match a certain audience or event. Earlier forms of the music had origins from blues, folk and work songs that were sung by slaves as motivational songs. Subsequently, Louis adopted jazz music to ensure that he shared his experiences with other individuals in the black community that found it hard to survive during his time.

Since jazz music would be performed in live shows in bars during evening hours, there was a tradition that the black Americans would hide in those taverns to drink alcohol and share ways to escape prison. Concerning the present day, jazz is still adopted to by Western communities.

Moreover, the black community is still associated with the jazz genre of music. Consequently, jazz music also had. Since Louis had begun his music career by singing blues, he had a perfect and experienced level of jazz presentation Prouty For instance, if it were about love, his title, lyrics and tones would synchronize to come up a perfect emotional song. His followers that learnt to trumpet and jazz performances also had similar aspects since he was their instructor. In the long-run, jazz music became a channel of expressing emotions, experiences or issues.

In his personality, he did not focus his lyrics on hurting his audience or haters in anyway; but offered equal attention to all. In modern day music, Louis has had both positive and negative impact on the western culture.

Initially, he made it possible to absorb and transform influences from other genres of music due to the presence of improvisations in jazz music. This aspect reduced the segregation between fans that loved other music genres since it would be improvised and performed in jazz genre Brothers However, prior characteristics of jazz music that led to racial segregation also prevail to date.

In general, the society tends to associate jazz with the black Americans; hence, there has not been sufficient positive change. Boston College Type of paper: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Impacts on Social Politics The American Society had variation in its political approaches, especially after the two world wars.

Louis Armstrong Life Motivation Aspects in the Society Louis' background as discussed in the reasons for his choice of discussion was rough. Need a paper on the same topic? He is better known as Jimmy Carter. But when I heard that it was Jimmy Carter I knew exactly who it was. He was the 39th president. He served from Jan. He grew up in the nearby small town of Archery. A fervent Baptist, He is a product of the Plains public school system.

In the Navy he became a submariner, serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets and rising to the rank of lieutenant. Chosen by Admiral Hyman Rickover for the nuclear submarine program, he was assigned to Schenectady, N. He would serve under Rickover for the final two years of his career in the Navy, working as engineering officer on the nuclear sub. He married Rosalynn Smith on July 7, He met her while he was growing up in Plains.

With the death of his father in , Carter returned to Georgia to run the family business. He took over the Carter farms, and he and Rosalynn operated Carter's Warehouse, a general-purpose seed and farm supply company in Plains. In ten years Jimmy Carter proved to be a very capable manager as he grew his family's agricultural business.

In addition to his father's peanut business, he expanded by starting a fertilizer business, adding a cotton gin, and increasing the number of acres he owned and leased. The council tried to force Carter to join by boycotting his many businesses, but he persevered and the members of the council eventually gave up the boycott. This is where he began his career in politics. He quickly became a leader of the community, serving on county boards supervising education, the hospital authority, and the library.

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- Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, to Mayanne and William Armstrong. His father abandoned his family during Louis' infancy. Louis spent the first years of his life with his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong.

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You are welcome to read the Louis Armstrong essay. He was an American singer, trumpeter, composer, who was renowned in the jazz industry.

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Read this Biographies Essay and over 88, other research documents. Louis Armstrong. James Earl Carter, Jr. He is better known as Jimmy Carter. When I first saw James Earl Carter, Jr.’s name, /5(1). Free Essay: Louis Armstrong was born in one of the poorest sections in New Orleans, August 4, Louis a hard-working kid who helped his mother and sister.

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If you're researching the life of Louis Armstrong and his influence in music, feel free to use a paper example provided here below. Jazz is one of the most influential music genres of all time. Armstrong is considered to be the most famous and influential performers in the history. of jazz. He alone influenced the entire jazz population with his wonderful voice and. powerful trumpet. Louis Armstrong played a huge role in the /5(5).