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Muscular System Essays (Examples)

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❶Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy.

The Muscular System

Skeletal muscles

Due to the diverse nature of its symptoms, those infected experience major difficulties adapting to their working environment, family or their life. It also subjects the sufferers to use consultative health services and social resources…… [Read More]. Lungs What Are the Lungs. However, it was that the formation of serotonin was from the lungs was substantiated.

It is also observed that detoxification of the blood takes place in the lungs. Later, it was observed that one of the important activities of the lung is to provide chemical filtration by shielding the regular circulation of blood from the attack of vasoactive mixtures and other exogenous compounds present in the arteries. The physiology of the lungs and its location makes the lung exclusively suitable to perform these activities. Wet; Moss, The total output from the cardiac system is obtained by the lungs whereas other organs acquire only a very small quantity of output.

The blood that circulates the lungs is subject to the vast capillary endothelial plane of the body which is of seventy square meters. This aspect of output and circulation enable the lung to perform the efficient function of biochemical…… [Read More]. Galectin-1 in the Regulation of. The success was remarkable, according to the researchers: Even muscles that had already lost half of its mass, recovered visible.

Mantovani, p The new study is therefore interesting in two respects: First, it demonstrates that the muscle loss at least in animal models in fact, affects the chances of survival, and secondly, it shows a way, may be how to prevent this degradation, and even reversed. Burnfoot, p All changes in cell morphological character may affect isolated cells or groups of them, therefore the modification of a…… [Read More].

Heart Disease elationship between cardiac arrest and coronary cardiac disease The heart is an essential organ in the human body, it keeps the individual alive.

Understanding how the heart operates and functions is essential to help protect your heart from heart disease. Cardiac arrest and coronary heart disease are significant heart related illness that has a high mortality rate. It is important for individuals with pre-existing heart disease to understand the symptoms of cardiac arrest and coronary heart disease, since these are both leading causes of fatality in the United States.

Understanding how the heart works, the individuals risk for heart disease, and how to prevent or delay heart disease is essential. In this paper I will address the relationship between cardiac arrest and coronary heart disease. I will also explain how the heart functions and discuss some ways of preventing cardiac arrest and coronary heart disease. Cardiac Arrest Cardiac…… [Read More]. Phylum Annelida Annelids are members of the Superphylum Lophotrochozoa. The division of the Phylum is in three classes Hirudineans leeches , Oligochaetes earthworms and Hirudinean Polychaetes and leeches.

They inhibit marine aquatic with Parapodia, like nereis Meglitsch P, They are worm like animals that have muscular body walls that elongate. They are also circular in cross section. The major difference between Phylum Annelida and other worm like creatures is that, they have segmented bodies also known as metameric. Each segment has its own particular function. Phylum Annelida include different types of earthworms, leeches and marine polychaetes.

There are those that live in fresh water, marine also terrestrial. Some of them live as parasites. Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. The work is focused almost exclusively on the Body as a subject. The two figures—God the Father and Adam—represent the majesty of the human anatomy in its ideal form: In the painting, God is mostly draped with a thin cloth; Adam is completely nude and his position reclined with one knee propped up while he stretches backwards and reaches forward languidly suggests one of royalty being wakened after a long slumber.

Indeed, the idea that Adam is like royalty is one that Michelangelo infuses into the scene giving the painting its high-minded rapturous quality, which is much in…… [Read More].

Aortic dissection is a disease of the wall of the aorta in which the aortic blood bursts into the muscular layer of the great artery, thus forming a blood filled channel along the planes of the muscularis layer. This false lumen can re-rupture back into the true lumen, through a second distal intimal tear, creating a biluminal or double barrelled aorta.

Due to weakened walls, there is threat of rupture into the surrounding tissue with fatal consequences. However, in about five to ten percent of patients, these tears are absent. An intimal tear can occur anywhere along the aorta, although a vast majority of tears are found within ten centimeters of the aortic valve.

The dissection may extend towards the heart, affecting the coronary arteries, or it may…… [Read More]. Journey Begins as We Enter. The blood in which we are traveling in is composed of red blood cells called hemoglobin, plasma, platelets, and white blood cells. Blood is transported through the body by the heart's pumping action. As we continue, we will enter the hepatic portal vein, which delivers blood from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver, into the ascending aorta, up towards the heart.

As we approach the heart, it's pumping will pull us up into its chambers and through to the lungs where we will get oxygen and continue our journey to the kidneys. As we return to the heart, we will pass through the aortic arch and descend through the thoracic aorta continuing past the descending abdominal aorta until we reach the renal artery. We will make a left turn and pass through the glomeruli through the kidney's tubules and conclude this phase of our journey into the left kidney.

Performance of the Company Annual Reports Statements. The analysis is aimed at the identification of an internal problem within the company's environment and then prescribing a suitable solution to it. The identified problem is poor Ergonomics. This is then explored and then recommendations provided.

The creation of a better health care system has been one of the key drivers of change in the American social, economic and political reform agenda. Quality health care to al citizens has been a piped dream for many. In this paper we presents an analysis of the effectiveness of United Healthcare in the provision of quality health care. Our focus is on its environmental analysis with the aim of isolating the genesis of the…… [Read More]. Living Things Are Characterized by the Following.

Though there may be variations between animal and plant kingdom ex, plants take in carbon dioxide and prepare their own food , these characteristics are commonly observed among all living things. It includes botany, zoology and all other sub-disciplines that range from microbiology to evolution and ecology. Evolution is the branch of biology that deals with the study of natural development of living organisms and the changes in them over time. Evolution refers to the heritable changes that occur in a population over a period of time.

All the diversity that is observed currently in plant and animal kingdom can be ascribed to evolution over a long period of time. Atoms are the…… [Read More]. Harry Houdini caused the world to marvel at his skill in escaping the bondage of handcuffs and was referred to as the 'handcuff king' and as well Houdini performed many other magic tricks that required more than merely illusion but instead required that he be able to alter his own body's physiology.

The modulation of physiology enabled Houdini to accomplish great feats and to capture the imagination and attention of a large base of fans across many years. Houdini is well-known for having spent a great deal of time and effort to invalidate individuals who were so-called mediums communicating with the dead because he detested this type of trickery. Modulation of Physiology The modulation of physiology is similar to…… [Read More].

BS OHSAS Audit Checklist Occupational health and safety management has numerous benefits for business, not only an employer's duty of care, a legal and moral obligation but also critical part of business equal in importance to other business functions like finance, marketing and production. When health and safety is embedded as part of business, results would be, good company image and reputation, better employee motivation and morale, improved efficiency and ultimately increased profitability.

Human Stem Cell Medical -. This bill was sent to the U. Senate and set for vote mirroring a bill previously passed by the House during the Summer of which failed to pass the Senate because of vehement disagreement that was even "within the parties over the prohibition of therapeutic cloning.

Ibid; paraphrased Patenting laws for genetics allow inventors to patent genetics but only specific genetic factors may be patented and inventors are required to: Genetics Affects Child Development Genetic. The following images show certain disorders that result due to mutation.

Children born from the same family members' shows higher similarity index regarding the genetic disorder number inclusive of the Indian community Cummings, , pg Curbing gene disorders Stoppage of varying types of disorders is possible through learning in consideration of human development the number of genes contained in a single genome, their respective location and the establishment of functions or roles in the various genetic processes.

This is achievable through strategized genetic mapping, where the establishment of specified genes having same linkage involved. The mapping establishes the respective linkages between genes and as a result of their location in the same gene, the crossing over frequency with the existing distance amid them is notable Cummings, , pg This enables the development of certain preventive…… [Read More].

Neurotransmitters Are Chemicals Endogenously Produced in the. Neurotransmitters are chemicals endogenously produced in the body for the purpose of sending stimulus across from one neuron to the other through the synapse. Neurotransmitters, packaged in synaptic vessels, are clustered beneath the inner membrane of the axon terminal of the presynaptic membrane. The neurotransmitters upon stimulus are released into the synaptic cleft where they diffuse and attach to their particular receptors on the post synaptic membrane.

The flow of action potential is the main stimulus to the release of the neurotransmitters. The main function of the neurotransmitters is to excite or inhibit certain kinds of receptors. Thereby the behavioral effect of the neurotransmitters depends on the kinds of receptors on the post synapse. Noradrenaline, an important neurotransmitter is involved in arousal and dopamine controls motor movements and cognition Webster, , p.

Synapse consists of dendrites of one neuron and terminus of the other neuron. No physical connection is…… [Read More]. That does not mean that metabolism cannot be controlled to some extent; it can.

Metabolism is loosely defined as the chemical workings within our bodies that help us to maintain a certain level of energy use, calorie burning and general energy even at rest. As we age, our metabolism rate slows down, meaning that we burn less calories and the ones we do burn are burned at a slower rate. It also means that we may have less energy and our overall health slows as well.

Gastroparesis The paper opens with an introduction and definintion of Gastroparesis and its association to damaging of vagus nerves along the intestines and stomach muscles.

This reduces their ability for function properly. People living with diabetes have a higher likelihood of advancing Gastroparesis against sequential Diabetic Gastroparesis.

More persons are contracting Gastroparesis during surgical operations. The paper illustrates that more patients are yet to find a cause linking their illnesses with Gastroparesis because it triggers Idiopathic Gastroparesis.

The scope of Gastroparesis has a close link to diseases of connective tissue such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as well as scleroderma. The neurological conditions worsen along Parkinson's disease. The paper concludes with proposals of Gastroparesis diagnosis through tests carried out on gastric emptying scans, x-rays, and manometry. Clinical Gastroparesis takes the definition of stomach emptying complications. There are beneficial adjustments to insulin dosage among diabetic people who…… [Read More].

Transfer of Maxillomandibular Relationship From. The understanding of TMJ anatomy as well as its function is very important to generate stable as well as healthy intercuspation. TMJ consists of condyle, disk, muscles and ligaments. It connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone in the skull in both sides and has two movements osenstiel and Land, The TMJ along with muscles stabilization is the starting point to get the ideal maxilla-mandibular relationship in the centric relation.

There is no way to register and transfer an accurate interocclusal record if patient has TMJ or muscles dysfunction. The patient with this dysfunction should be treated first before final restoration, cementation or construction. The conservative management of unstable joints and muscles via appliance therapy is the most common modality of management Capp and Clayton, Perhaps one of the toughest and most intricate recuperative experiments for dentists in today's world is directly related…… [Read More].

Alzheimer's Disease According to the. One of the most common mental disorders linked to Alzheimer's is depression which according to Elwood Cohen manifests itself in three important ways. First, "There are higher rates of depression among Alzheimer's patients than among non-demented adults;" second, "Having a depressive episode is associated with an increased risk for developing Alzheimer's," and third, Depressive symptoms can be confused with dementia in older adults" , Similar results were reported by the Multi-Institutional esearch in Alzheimer's Genetic Epidemiology MIAGE which discovered that "In the year prior to a patient being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, the same patient was almost five times more likely than their…… [Read More].

Dangers Outweigh Benefits of Genetic. Researchers at Cornell University discovered that Monarch butterfly caterpillars died when they ate plants dusted with the pollen of Bt corn that was growing in nearby fields, and many scientists worry that with so much insecticide in the corn plants, insects might develop a resistance to it Dyer These fears and concerns are echoed by Francis Fukuyama who believes that genetic enhancement will undermine the system of human rights by disrupting the boundary that encloses all humans in a single group, thus believes society should limit genetic science to allow therapy but prohibit enhancement, such as genetically altered food crops, and non-therapeutic procedures Tobey In other words, enhancement will allow society to increase genotypic and phenotypic diversity, yet such diversity will press society to the point of losing its shared humanity Tobey Reconciling private benefit and public risk in…… [Read More].

Fantastic Voyage [hs, section: As simple as it may seem, this process is more than just moving down a hollow tube. To understand this more deeply, let's begin our journey! Being reduced to eight microns in a hamburger holds the possibility of being chewed, grinded and dissolved in gastric acid. Even though I used special shield defenses, the slight possibility can still be a scary thought. Despite the risk, I felt motivated enough to allow myself to be amazed by the human body.

In about a moment, I was in the mouth of a year-old man. Mixed with me, were fries, meat, lettuce, cheese, burgers and bear. Staying away from the teeth…… [Read More]. Therapeutic Massage on Elderly, Grieving Widows The prosperity of a country is in accordance with its treatment of the aged," states an ancient Jewish Proverb "Massage for the Mature Adult," This is an honorable and true statement. Too often many of our elderly people's needs are not noticed or attended to by family, friends, or medical practitioners.

This is especially true for older women whose husbands have died. The death of a spouse or partner has been described as the most disruptive and difficult role transition that an individual confronts throughout the life course Lopata, Houdin states that "although the literature abounds with subjective pieces concerning bereavement, little…… [Read More].

Factors Influencing Human Mate Selection. Ae thee any obsevable diffeences between the mate selection stategies employed by men, and those employed by women? A numbe of theoies have been put fowad to povide answes to these questions. Buss and Banes , while making specific efeence to the Evolutionay Theoy, posit that the qualities women look fo in a potential mate diffe consideably fom those that men look fo. These diffeences, they suggest, manly accue fom the biological systemic diffeences between men and women, as well as the common belief that women age faste than men.

Women's fetility has been obseved to decease…… [Read More]. What Is the Best Exercise. Tai Chi is a series of postures and exercises developed in China as a system of self-defense and as an aid to meditation.

It focuses on graceful movements that resemble a slow-moving dance routine combined with deep breathing throughout the routine. The result is a moving meditation that nourishes and balances both the body and mind. Research studies of the benefits of tai chi show a significant decrease in the incidence of stroke and stroke mortality, as well as an increase in bone density. Studies also show a decrease in blood pressure in hypertension patients and an increased sense of well-being. Because of the low heart rate routines, tai chi offers a safe alternative to aerobic type exercises for those prone to cardiovascular disease.

Tai Chi strengthens the joint musculature and increases the range of motion and flexibilty. Although a weight-bearing exercise it allows stimulation of bone growth without the…… [Read More]. The David Zwirner Galley and the Guggenheim. Art is something that can be appreciated in several ways. Thanks to the various museums cities have to offer, one can visit numerous places and see exhibitions from various artists.

Both places have introduced audiences to interesting and thought-provoking works of art. Four of which will be featured here. The artists of the four works are Robert Crumb and Paul Cezanne. Owned by David Zwirner it features of collections of artists like Robert Crumb. Lined up in a stark, white room, these black and white…… [Read More]. Shin Splints From Ecs Conditions. Practical esearch Finding Implementation and Experimentation Stage -- Phase I The experimenter did not set out to determine specifically which of the various contributing factors or combinations of factors identified by the empirical research of medial tibial stress syndrome was most responsible for the experimenter's symptoms.

However, since the initial attempts to resolve the symptoms incorporated changes to all of the external variables except a change in running surface, the experimenter immediately sought a softer running surface and temporarily abandoned running on any hard surface that magnified instead of minimized the physiological trauma associated with running on harder surfaces.

Because the empirical research also implicated poor running stride mechanics and excessive vertical elevation, the experimenter devoted considerable attention to making the following specific changes to the running stride: Ergonomics Repetitive Movement Ergonomics Injuries. Repetitive Motion Injuries can be prevented through a proper workplace setup.

Once a worker makes these adjustments to the work area, it is possible to feel more natural about working and be more productive. In addition to exercise, a person should do the following: Suggested minutes break away from the computer for every hour on the computer. The longer the handle, the more force it takes to use and lift that tool.

Position oneself so…… [Read More]. Epidemiology Liegl-tzwanger, Fletcher and Fletcher pointed out that the exact incidences of gastrointestinal stromal tumors in the United States and Europe is not easy to determine.

This is attributed to the fact that GISTs got proper recognition as well as diagnosis from the late s. Studies carried out in Iceland Tryggvason et al. Incidences if GISTs have been shown to be higher as a result of the fact that most patients live with it for several years and it gets detected only during gastrectomy or autopsy all of which are usually performed for other reasond. Orthopedic Nursing Current Trends in. The ability to resolve conflicting patients is also an appreciable quality.

Various questions may arise in the course of care provided to orthopedic patients. An orthopedic nurse who is very closely monitoring a patient is the best person to assess such challenges and bring a platform for research to find better answers. An orthopedic nurse need to work with the patient to find out the quality improvement required in nursing assistance in terms of managing medication, dealing pain and trauma felt by the patient if…… [Read More].

The extensor is the muscle that extends or straightens a bone in the body. The flexor is the muscle that bends a bone in the body. A contraction happens by the release of calcium from inside the cell. Muscles that have exercise react to stimuli quickly and powerfully.

One of the types of Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Get The Muscular System from Amazon. Close-up of striated skeletal muscle. Reproduced by permission of Photo Researchers, Inc.

Slow also called red muscle fibers contract more slowly, have better blood supplies, operate with oxygen, and do not tire as easily. Slow muscle fibers are used in movements that are ongoing, such as maintaining posture.

Smooth muscle fibers line most of the internal hollow organs of the body, such as the intestines, stomach, and uterus womb. They help move substances through tubular areas such as blood vessels and the small intestines. Smooth muscles contract automatically, spontaneously, and often rhythmically.

They are slower to contract than skeletal muscles, but they can remain contracted longer. Human skeletal muscles anterior view. Like skeletal muscles, smooth muscles contract in response to neurotransmitters released by nerves. Unlike skeletal muscles, some smooth muscles contract after being stimulated by hormones chemicals secreted by glands. An example is oxytocin, a hormone released by the pituitary gland. It stimulates the smooth muscles of the uterus to contract during childbirth.

Smooth muscles are not as dependent on oxygen as skeletal muscles are. Smooth muscles use carbohydrates to generate much of their energy.

The cardiac muscle or myocardium contracts beats more than 2. Like skeletal muscles, myocardium is striated. However, myocardial muscle fibers are smaller and shorter than skeletal muscle fibers. The contractions of the myocardium are stimulated by an impulse sent out from a small clump node of specialized tissue in the upper right area of the heart.

The impulse spreads across the upper area of the heart, causing this region to contract. This impulse also reaches another node, located near the lower right area of the heart. After receiving the initial impulse, the second node fires off its own impulse, causing the lower region of the heart to contract slightly after the upper region.

The most common muscular disorder is injury from misuse. Skeletal muscle sprains and tears cause excess blood to seep into the tissue in order to heal it. The remaining scar tissue results in a slightly shorter muscle. Overexertion or a diminished blood supply can cause muscle cramping. Diminished blood supply and oxygen to the heart muscle causes chest pain called angina pectoris.

Human skeletal muscles posterior view. The most common type of genetic inherited muscular disorder is muscular dystrophy. This disease causes muscles to progressively waste away. There are six forms of muscular dystrophy.

The most frequent and most dreaded form appears in boys aged three to seven. Boys are usually affected because it is a sex-linked condition; girls are carriers of the disease and are usually not affected. The first symptom of the disease is a clumsiness in walking.

This occurs because the muscles of the pelvis and the thighs are first affected. The disease spreads to muscles in other areas of the body, and by the age of ten, a child is usually confined to a wheelchair or a bed. Death usually occurs before adulthood.

Another form of muscular dystrophy appears later in life and affects both sexes equally. The first signs of the disease appear in adolescence.

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Essays Related to The Muscular System. 1. Muscular Dystrophy. At least 1 in people is affected by a serious inherited neuromuscular disorder; muscular dystrophy makes up an appreciable amount of these. (Azofeifa,) Muscular Dystrophy is a heterogeneous group of inherited disorders characterized by progressive muscle /5(3).

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The Human Muscular System Essay Words | 3 Pages. The Human Muscular System The human muscular system is made up of over connecting muscles. All of the muscles work together in sync to make your body move in inumerable different ways.

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The muscular system is the system that controls the movement of the bones in the body. There are about muscles in the human body. There are three types of muscles in the body, smooth, skeletal, and cardiac. As important as the muscular system is, it is just as prone to diseases, disorders and cancers as any other system of the body. Diseases which can affect the muscular system are fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, and tendonitis.

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the relationship between the muscular system and how it contributes to the overall health and balance of the body it is placed within. The essay will discuss the function of the muscular system, the organization of the system and how it contributes to homeostasis. Hannah Loback Muscle Essay The muscular system is a network of tissues that controls movement of the human body. Attached to the skeletal system are a multitude of muscles consisting of tissues, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves.