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❶In the end approximately Native American men, women, and children had been killed DiBacco

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Through these studies, we hope to raise the level of awareness of the cancer problem in Indian country, and to try to bring their perceptions into balance with the reality. Cancer control center conducted a special research and published the results of it in Journal of Cancer Education. In reality, although cancer is not the leading cause of deaths there, this is still a serious health problem which needs certain steps of prevention and treatment. Recent researches showed that cancer is the third leading cause of deaths among American Indians of all ages and the second leading cause of death among people over A really important role in cancer spreading is played by certain psychological factors and cultural beliefs of these people.

There is a strong need for developing culturally acceptable resource materials for Native Americans. Older native peoples have a more respectful attitude towards traditional methods of medicine and not towards the newest Western developments and practices. Thus many issues connected with this disease are misinterpreted by them, for example, a lot of Native Americans think that a person who has cancer will die.

In their families, there is a high respect for elder members of a family, and in case they are sick they are taken care of only at home. The second important barrier is the language, there are about native languages, and English is spoken only as the second language or not spoken at all. There is even no such a word as cancer in some languages.

The level of education of natives is rather low, only about 56 percent finish high school. Some native Indian cultures have the opinion that it is better not to discuss cancer if you do not want to invite it into your body. A lot depends upon communication as well. For native cultures a pause plays an important role in the process of communication, it allows the initial speaker add some ideas before he gets the response of the listener.

This pause is often misunderstood by non-native people, as they start to think that something was not said. In fact, the native rate of speech is much slower than by non-natives.

Poverty is an important factor for food and health conditions. Because of poverty, many people cannot use medical service or a working telephone or transportation.

Because of smoking rates, a lot of people suffer from lungs cancer. Being able to have a self belonging will not only boost self-esteem, but this will also have a positive impact on academic outcomes. An article I found. In order to have this type of connection with a language it must also be used at home. This is why we need to start teaching the language at a young age to have the child grow up with a connection to their tribe through the language.

As a bilingual student I am able to relate with past experiences on how that can work. Other students around me that did not speak a second language always wanted to be the person who was bilingual. This type of attention was helpful in a way that let me become proud of being bilingual. Not only will language be a connection to the tribe, but it will also be a way to connect with other members within the community itself. Having a class room that only speaks English creates a much smaller space to learn.

When students are open to speaking a language that connects their home at school helps the students create more ideas than only keeping one language in the class, and can allow you to make connections while learning, which a great habit.

Not only should being bilingual be something to push on Native American students, but the fact that culture is a big picture. The second reason I believe that learning a language is an important part of education is because it forms a bridge with ones learning ability.

There are a couple of skills that everyone should develop including: The ability to learn a language helps one develop these three characteristics which tie into the outcome of academic performance. Intellectual skills will help students with problem solving which is needed every day in school and outside of school.

Self confidence ties back to the self-belonging as well as mentally boosting your abilities by believing in yourself. For example one of the problems that Native Americans face, is the fact that Facing a statistic like this scares most students and makes them feel like they might end up as a statistic like this one.

The Native American students feel more pressure knowing this, but even by simply knowing to speak a second language should give them a bit more of confidence. Indians who have high self confidence end up having better people skills which lead to success. Having people skills will be another everyday task that all students will face inside and outside of school. Language is like a door opening the path for many students to enhance academic achievement. I believe that culture is also another important way to help improve the performance of Native American students.

Culture helps keep a sense of pride which allows students to connect through personal emotions. During learning experiences, it is always healthy to involve a small amount of personal emotions, because it helps student form opinions of their own.

It also happens to help a student develop an open mind. Being able to mix both of your thoughts as well as the classes opinions forces the student to create a formulated opinion on a topic. Culture will also allow you to challenge beliefs of why things are done in a certain way. On the other hand McCarty states how parents and the communities want their children to be taught more about the culture and the traditions, because they know that one day their children will have to lead their communities one McCarty, The way that culture should be taught in school would be by incorporating more language, traditions and bringing the community to help these students learn more about their culture.

This can work by bringing in certain members of the community that can explain what they do and how that contributes to the community. Other ways of incorporating culture would be to hit the key elements of Native American traditions. For example Native Americans value ceremonies and in school students should learn about this. This will enhance the learning experiences due to Harthun, 5. For example students can learn how valuable ceremonies are to Native Americans by having a guest speaker talk about it to the class.

Another key element to culture for Native Americans would know the stories Harthun, 5. To add this into the lesson plans teachers can have people from the community go to the school and teach the stories. Even for older students they can go to the younger students and teach them the stories, and then it would be a cycle of teaching amongst the community.

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In this research paper, we are going to concentrate on the issue of cancer among Native Americans, upon the leading causes of, upon the attitude of people to the illness and the mortality consequences. Native American Research Paper Topics. Native Americans are immensely misunderstood, since a huge portion of people don't take into account the fact that the ethnic group known as "Native American" does not relate to one single ethnic group.