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School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford

Political Geography

❶A study comparing images of New Orleans in and found a striking increase in the number of people and bicycles occupying public space.

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The spatial logic of urban intergroup conflict September Intraurban development in a city under protracted armed conflict: Banal materiality and the idea of sovereignty: The migration funnel effect and the policing of the U.

Global urban policy and the geopolitics of urban data September Managing through ad hoc measures: Syrian refugees and the politics of waiting in Lebanon September Time, architecture and art as weapons in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict September The effects of housing supply restrictions on partisan geography September Imaginary, performance and spatialization September Does criminal violence spread?

Contagion and counter-contagion mechanisms of piracy September Contagious Republicanism in Louisiana, — September Cracking and framing the field with humor Available online 31 August What's so funny in Afghanistan?: Jocular Geopolitics and the everyday use of humor in spaces of protracted precarity Available online 25 August Intersectional Border ing s Available online 24 August Negotiating adversity with humour: A case study of wildland firefighter women Available online 4 August Germany's not so banal militarism Available online 10 July Could rainfall have swung the result of the Brexit referendum?

Diverse political identities within a working class presence: Revisiting Red Clydeside July Spatial scale and the geographical polarization of the American electorate July Politics, time, space, and attitudes toward US—Mexico border security July Frontier-making the centre July Reconsidering the laboratory thesis: Neostructuralism through strategic transaction: The grass isn't any greener over there July Response to John O'Loughlin July Thirty-five years of political geography and Political Geography: The good, the bad and the ugly July Is political geography still a backwater?

Subaltern geopolitics and the post-colonial Commonwealth, — July More drilling, more transparency and less skipping: A reply to the commentators July How autonomous vehicle accidents transform the material politics of automation July The water crisis and the binding politics of infrastructure July Biopolitics and checkpoint in occupied Palestine: The distribution of loess has played a significant role in human history.

These fertile, easily worked soils provided the agricultural foundation for several early civilizations. Chinese culture originated in the Loess Plateau and adjacent areas of the North China Plain itself formed from eroded, river-deposited loess , and Neolithic farmers in Europe mostly cultivated loess, avoiding heavier soils for millennia.

For those interested in geographical superlatives pertaining to islands and lakes, Elburz. It continues with the largest lake on an island Nettilling Lake on Baffin Island in Canada , the largest island in a lake Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron in Canada , the largest island …. In actuality, the Aral Sea has virtually disappeared, and now is essentially a massive salt-flat, …. Two additional posts will conclude the series. We will subsequently pause to introduce some new features of the blog, and then we will move on to examine a different part of the world.

The current series began by asking a seemingly banal question, …. GeoCurrents is a forum dedicated to exploring the peoples, places, genes, and languages that are shaping current events around the world.

The aim of GeoCurrents is not to take sides on any of these events, but to help foster an enriching and respectful exchange of information and ideas. For more about GeoCurrents and its author, please visit this page. Other ways to get GC updates: Lewis Books By Martin W. Lewis Talks by Martin W. Lewis November 8, 28 Comments. Conway By Martin W. Lewis October 9, Comments. Lewis December 7, Lewis May 12, 2 Comments. Lewis May 5, Lewis April 16, Lewis April 13, 4 Comments.

Lakes on Islands in Lakes: Lewis March 29, One Comment. Lewis March 28, 3 Comments. Lewis March 1, Lewis February 7, 5 Comments. Subscribe with your email address:

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May 24,  · News about Geography, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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All the latest breaking news on Geography. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Geography. Geography is getting stranger: the map is breaking up. Now we need to attend to the unnatural places, the escape zones and gap spaces, sites of bewilderment and unease. A Map of Radical Bewilderment.

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