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❶This is a new online group brought to our attention by Lisa Bradley. Feel free to post in the comments!

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I have had work published , I have done a whole term in an English course and won an award for student of the year. All of this in little over a year. I believe this has been made possible through joining WDC and I hope it will continue for many more years.

There's something for everyone, a caring community that supports its own in our struggle to become better writers. If you want to write, this is the place to do it! I have received some of the most helpful, kindest reviews since I have joined some three years ago. Thank you for letting me reveal my soul and pour my guts out to you guys. Please post questions in our support forum. We are happy to help! Maybe you just got your first offer to ghostwrite a book and have no idea what to charge. Whatever the reason, Facebook groups can be a fantastic way for writers to connect, trade advice, swap war stories and find new opportunities.

So we polled writers to find out which Facebook groups they personally could not live without. Writers of all experience levels can share their struggles and wins, ask each other questions and otherwise support and encourage the community throughout the writing life.

More than 42, members must be onto something. This group collects submission calls for poetry, fiction and art and presents them all in one easy-to-follow place. One of the bigger communities of indie authors and self-publishers with a focus on fiction , this group is a great place to get advice, air your grievances and find lesser-known authors. The only downside is that membership is so big it can be hard to connect one-on-one with individual members.

Open to indie writers of all kinds, this group allows self-promotion only in admin-created threads, and has a fair but firm panel of moderators who keep spammers and trolls at bay. Ever wanted to write a Kindle book or wondered how the process works? A great place for bloggers to connect, share ideas and find new readers by promoting their own blogs.

Another group chock full of advice, resources and support for bloggers, this group limits self-promotion to Mondays only, which helps save your feed from over-saturation. It tries to foster a sense of community and energy among its wide range of members, who vary in terms of age, experience and writing genre. Self-promotion is not allowed, but you are able to post an excerpt from your current project for critique by other members.

One of the admins has edited for Disney and NBC, if you wonder how useful those critiques are. If you want to get serious about your work, and you can handle bold honesty, this group can help you hone your skills.

Crunched for time and in need of encouragement? Connect with women writers of all genres and experience levels, from indie scribes to traditionally published and self-published authors.

See here for information on how to join. Share them with us in the comments! This post originally ran in September Kelly Gurnett runs the blog Cordelia Calls It Quits and is growing her own freelance writing, editing and blogging empire day by day.

You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook and hire her services here. Ready to make a living as an author? Full-time author Joanna Penn explains how to manage the business side of your writing habit. Great list you have here. I belong to a quite few FB writer groups but most are travel writing related. The focus of the group is on writing and editing of blogs, books, memoirs and short stories, but we also talk about how to incorporate social media, entrepreneurship and publishing into our greater writing goals.

Each writer has the opportunity to workshop writing, plus receive feedback anytime on shorter pieces, newsletter and the like. My sincere thanks for that. Just need some advice here. Any place for political and military writers that is willing to pay for an article? Kickstart Kitchen is no more, but people interested in the book club can sign up on YFE. I tried to go to the site and got this site does not exist. It seems all they want to do is sell classes. Thanks for the kind shoutout to The Literati Writers in this fantastic list!

Even as the guy behind the group, I totally agree with you that, at first glance, the price tag we carry seems steep! Over one year and 75 Literati Writers later with an average membership length of 7. And getting paid for their writing. Also, be sure to visit the extensive Poetry Links at this site. They are extensive and useful, I think, for those interested in Poetry. Aylad's Writing Group is an email critique online group. Her site also has a variety of resources that might prove useful, including extensive agent listing.

You will need to log in the first time to begin participating. BOOST is an online community of children's writers. We specialize in forming critique groups for new and experienced writers. BOOST also provides a forum, magazine and book publisher guidelines, contests, a forum, articles about writing and more. Christian Writers Group Homepage is a geocities community sites with resources and encourage for Christian writers that include forums and other resources.

Coffeehouse for Writers is a number of things, including resources, for pay workshops and free critique groups. Most of this handled through mailing lists. Check it out and see if works for you. Comedy Screenwriting Discussion Group is an egroups mailing list with associated egroups page for those interested in comedy screenwriting.

Critique Circle is a free-to-join writing forum where both new and experienced writers can post their work online and receive critiques from other members, as well as offer critiques on other work posted.

Handy tools to help writers are also available, as well as a forum for discussion with members. Critique Partners Connections attempts to match writers with critique partners. The Critters Writers Workshop is the first of several writers workshops I hope to have links to from here.

Writers workshops that accept and dispense critiques via the Internet. I would also like to point out it's Workshop Library which has a wealth of interesting links to peruse. Com and Writers' Village University is a combination of free areas and an online writers' group with an annual membership fee.

Fantasy Writer's Outlet is an online critique area with an emphasis on fantasy. Check their web site for details. Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal FFP Chapter of Romance Writers of America focus is helping those interested in more speculative themes for romance and helping those writers to get published.

The Internet Writers Guild is an online free service for those who have used the Internet in general and the web in particular to publish their works and those of others. Well worth a look see.

The Internet Writing Workshop appears to have a get serious workshop approach that might appeal to those who need some motivation and structure. Worth checking out at the very least. They have a whole range of mailing list to provide the means for review and critique. Our next adventure will be ala "24", with this twist These project grow synergistically, by topsy and we are never sure of the direction they will take or the outcome of the story.

This could be a possible useful resource for any interested in SF and fantasy romance, psychic romance or cross-time romances. NovelDoc is the web presence for a mailing list that concentrates on revising and critiquing completed novels of 60, words or more.

They also have the Online Writing Workshop for Romance which is currently a free workshop while they build up a membership. Here is a virtual spot where people from all over the world can share their memories and experiences with each other.

This is both an example of electronic publishing and electronic community in a very nice package. The Imaginaries is a global writer's copperative for science fiction, fantasy and horror and also a group that shares stories via the web and solicits critiques as well as many other roles.

It does appear to have possibilities and has been around since They includes critique areas, chat rooms and more. They have online chats on AOL the 2nd Monday of each month and on iPlanet open to the entire internet every fourth Monday. And all of this is free.

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The online writing group, writing workshop, and writing community where writers get quality critiques and feedback on their writing.

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The Hatrack Writers Groups is a collection of online writers groups based off of the Orson Scott Card site. The Internet Writers Guild is an online free service for those who have used the Internet in general and the web in particular to publish their works and those of others. Critique Circle is a free online collaborative writing workshop for all genres with an extensive array of features. Improve your writing and meet other writers - Sign-up today!