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Othello Act 2, Scene 3 Summary & Quotes


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Iago Begins His Mischief
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He then kills himself. The textual history of Othello is opaque. The play was first published in as a quarto Q1 and then, a year later, in a different version in the First Folio F1.

F1's version of the play is about lines longer than Q1, with some of those lines clustering into distinct passages that do not have an equivalent in Q1. There are also different readings of hundreds of words including, most famously, the discrepancies between Q1's Othello reporting that Desdemona rewarded him with a "world of sighs" while F1 has a "world of kisses" Act 1, scene 3.

There is no scholarly consensus on the origins of these differences or on which text to use as the basis for an edition. The Folger edition is based on Q1, indicating Q-only words with pointed brackets and F-only lines with square brackets. Some of these images show actors in character, while others show the plays as if they were real-life events—telling the difference isn't always easy. A selection of images related to Othello is shown below, with links to our digital image collection.

More images of Othello can be seen in our digital image collection. The other main characters in the play all form their own opinions of him and, as the play continues, his character begins to deteriorate and become less noble. Othello's character changes from a flawless milit Innate Weaknesses Human nature is a topic often examined and is discussed in Shakespeare's Othello. Specific human traits that are negative are present in all humans, yet some control them better than others.

These negative traits are considered innate weaknesses in human composition. Weaknesses in human nature, such as self-interest, jealousy, and lust, are all demonstrated in Othello Honesty is one of the most important factors in Othello. And although there is very little honesty actually present in the play the term is most commonly applied to Iago, who also happens to be the most dishonest character in Othello.

Due partly to the other characters naivet , Iago is capable of manipulating, brainwashing, and molding the other characters to satisfy his need for revenge again The first act of Shakespeare's Othello presents the audience with characters who are primarily concerned with their own well-being, reputations and advancements. Iago particularly stands out as untrue. He slanders Othello, and reveals plans to pain others.

Desdemona rebels against her father when she elopes with Othello, displaying a nature of disrespect. Through these actions it is determined t He is an individual of high stature who is destroyed by his surroundings, his own actions, and his fate.

His destruction is essentially precipitated by his own actions, as well as by the actions of the characters surrounding him.

The tragedy of Othello is not a fault of a single person, but is rather the consequence The character Iago, Othello's ancient, is the cause of all the tragedy which comes to pass as the play progresses. He is a manipulator, opposing Othello not directly, but through other characters whom he tricks. From his actions throughout the play one sees that Iago was gifted at using other people, to furth Money in substantial amounts can represent great power and strength over the ruling nation.

Both of the plays are related to his matter, in that the subplot characters attempt to achie There are many literary works that contain villains who play an essential role in the development of the work as a whole.

However, I believe that the ultimate villain of this kind is Iago in Shakespeare s play, Othello. Through manipulation and scheming, he beguiles the other characters of the novel. In the analysis of Iago s character, we find that the true motive for his villainous acts is In Shakespeare's Othello, the character Iago, Othello's lieutenant, is the cause of all the tragedy which comes to pass as the play progresses. Iago is the antagonist of the play, but rather than being the direct opponent to the tragic hero, Iago is a manipulator, opposing Othello not directly but through other characters whom he tricks into acting for him.

In the first scene of the pl As a moor, Othello has faced many challenges and prejudices throughout his life. When he becomes a soldier of high stature and honor, and weds, he receives the jealo The two villains in Much Ado About Nothing and Othello share much in common, despite their numerous differences.

It is evident that Shakespeare framed the second piece of literature to be similar to the first. Although shorter, the plot of Othello is definitely more complex. The villains play a major part in the novels, and are very much alike in their line of thinking. Irony in Othello Shakespeare's plays rely largely on irony. There are three kinds of irony presented in this novel. Irony plays an important role in Othello. It creates suspense, and adds interest to the story.

There are many examples of situational irony in this play. Cassio was the one Iago wanted dead or out of his position. In the article, Othello and the pattern of Shakespearean Tragedy, by G. Hibbard published in , Hibbard discusses how Othello, by William Shakespeare, stands apart from the rest of the Shakespearean Tragedies.

He uses examples from the play to support his thesis of how the tragic pattern in Othello is very much different from that of the others. William Shakespeare was and is considered a poetic genius. He produced 37 plays and 54 sonnets. Indebted to Petrarch, Shakespeare nevertheless devised most of his own sonnets in a form that would come to be called the English Sonnet: Shakespeare is responsible for the most significant dramatic literat We observe as Iago single handedly destroys the matrimony shared between Othello and the beautiful Desdemona.

He does so with a flurry of deceit and trickery, playing upon one of the strongest human emotions, that of jealousy. Love and Lust Lots of times people get love and lust confused. The person who best illustrates this theme is Roderigo. Although there are lots of things to suggest this is a racist play I don't think that racism actually dominates the play, even though it has a racist theme.

There is a romantic union between black and white which gets destroyed because most people think the relationship is wrong. At the time the play was written, , even the Queen of England was racist so there must have been a strong hatred Through some carefully thought-out words and actions, Iago is able to manipulate others to do things in a way that benefits and moves him closer to his own goals.

He is smart and an expert at judging the character Othello - A Racist Play? At the time the play was written, , even the Queen of England was racist so In the play Othello, written by Shakespeare, the most interesting and complex character is Iago. All of the other characters in the play know him as Honest Iago, but from a reader s standpoint that is clearly not the best nickname for him.

He has a unique gift to read others character and personality. Iago uses this gift to manipulate others into doing things that, in the end, will benefit Plot Summary Iago is passed over for a promotion by his commander, Othello, a Moor and a general in the service of Venice, and vows revenge.

Othello has just married Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio, a Venetian Senator, and Iago enlists the aid of Roderigo, a rejected suitor, to tell Desdemona's father about the marriage. Brabantio goes to seize his daughter, but is interrupted by There isn t one single factor that can be noted as the entire reason for Othello s downfall.

It took an unusual set of circumstances, and a varied cast of characters to weave the intricate webs that created Othello s eventual downfall. Some of the foremost reasons for the Moor s demi Throughout history, the treatment of women has been an ever-changing issue.

Othello by William Shakespeare is a story in which the women characters are treated in the unfair way that women of the time of the story were treated. This makes the story a great model for comparison of the treatment of women in the present time and in the past time when the story takes place. In order to mak In Othello, Shakespeare explores the relationship between words and events.

Spoken thought, in the play, has all the power of action; speaking about an event will make that event become reality for those who hear - it will affect reality as if that event had taken place. Shakespeare demonstrates the power of words poignantly through Othello's monologues.

Othello struggles with the r Othello is the title of the character and play that we all studied earlier this semester. However, it is Othello the character that I intend to discuss. Othello is the husband to the beautiful and innocent Desdemona, whom he murders because the villainous and honest Iago has misled him. A Moorish general in Venice, a society plagued with racism and where adultery is neither condemned n Shakespeare s Othello begins with a marriage between Othello and Desdemona.

This marriage was the result of the strong bond of love which they felt together. During their marriage, Othello started to feel a sense of jealousy with Desdemona s behavior. This jealousy was being created by Desdemona s beauty and sexual power. With the presence of Desdemona, Othello felt belittled with her sexual A Moorish general in Venice, a society plagued with racism and where adultery is neither condemn He appears to be an honest, trustworthy soldier who was angry because he was overlooked for a promotion.

This essay is about William Shakespeare s Othello. It focuses on Iago s words to Othello, O, beware, my lord, of Jealousy. It is the green-eyed monster. Before considering the importance of Iago s words, it is important to define what jealousy means.

According to The N Othello, the Moor of Venice Throughout history, powerful empires with boundless control have had a tendency to fall victim to corruption. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

William Shakespeare's "Othello, the Moor of Venice" contains several themes, but one theme in particular supports the truth of this knowledge. In "Othello, the Moor of Venice," the theme of control All people, whether good or bad, have certain qualities or weaknesses of character. Characters are naive and this leads to downfall. In addition, characters keeping things to themselves allows them to be vulnerable. Finally, Characters have the trait of jealousy which ends with death and tragedy.

In Shakespeare s Othello, the downfall of certain players are caused by flaws in their own chara The play of Othello is like you are pushing a huge boulder up a steep mountain, and then it finally reaches the top, and it goes down the other side, and nothing can stop it.

This is how I see the action in Othello. Iago spends the whole time plotting, and conspiring with the audience, and then he finally pushes Othello over the edge. Iago manages this in several ways, through imagery, sewing t In the play Othello, the character of Othello has certain traits which make him seem naive and unsophisticated compared to many other people.

This is why Iago, to get his just rewards uses him as a scapegoat. He is very irritated because he has, after all, been called away from his marriage bed. He asks Cassio what has happened, but Cassio is too ashamed to speak for himself. He tries asking Montano, but Montano is too injured to tell the story. Iago, ironically, is the one who tells the story.

Obsequiously, Iago begins his tale with ''I had rather have this tongue cut from my mouth, Than it should do offense to Michael Cassio. Thus, Othello is left to conclude: Get access risk-free for 30 days, just create an account. As a consequence of this drunken fight, Cassio loses his position as lieutenant.

O, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial! Full of ulterior motives, Iago persuades Cassio to go to Desdemona in order to ask her to beg Othello to forgive him: Iimportune her help to put you in your place again. In this scene, we witness Iago doing nasty deeds. He purposely gets Cassio drunk and then sends Roderigo to provoke him into a fight. Montano tries to stop the fight but gets into one himself.

Iago has Roderigo sound the alarm and Othello comes to see what is going on. Cassio loses his job and is very ashamed of himself. Iago pretends to console him, encouraging him to go to Desdemona for help in getting his job back. Little does Cassio know that Iago has larger plans to frame him as Desdemona's lover in order to exact his revenge on Othello! To unlock this lesson you must be a Study. Login here for access. Did you know… We have over college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1, colleges and universities.

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On familial, state, and cosmic levels, Othello, Lear, and Macbeth present clear oppositions of order and chaos, good and evil, and spirituality and animality. Stylistically the plays of this period become increasingly compressed and symbolic.

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Important questions about Shakespeare's Othello to use as essay ideas and many research resources.

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Mar 08,  · Othello Essay Each individual has a different opinion on what love is, but it is amazing how these opinions differ between Desdemona and Emilia in William Shakespeare s, Othello. Othello is a play written about love, betrayal and relationships, and each character has a strong opinion on how a relationship should be. Othello’s Dramatic Flaw in Shakespeare's Othello - The play “Othello” by William Shakespeare was written in during the Elizabeth era. Othello is one of the most extraordinary characters in all of Shakespeare’s dramas.

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Research Projects Custom Written on the Theme of Othello The Theme of Othello research papers discuss Shakespeare's Literature. This is a typical model Literature research paper order on the theme of Shakepeare's Othello. Essay Othello: Othello A Tragic Hero If one reads Shakespeare's Othello, they can come to the conclusion that it might be one of the his most tragic plays ever written by Shakespeare.