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Writers only use primary research and peer-reviewed articles such as the American Journal of Political Science, The Harvard Business Review, and other professional publications curated by EBSCOhost, along with any material you provide and need included to create outstanding case studies.

What sets these apart from other case studies are the applicable life examples. Writers typically choose two or three events that illustrate the point they are trying to make.

They point out the common problems in each instance and explains how their solution would have impacted the outcome. While the study focuses on every aspect of the problem, this form of writing simplifies the entire research process. Most professionals understand the problem in detail and have spent years studying the issue. The only research left to accomplish is primary investigation. The cumulative case study is similar to the illustrative format but uses aggregated content from different sites over a specific time period.

Cumulative studies often incorporate a call-to-action. Critical instance case studies explore highly specific problems that are of interest to a localized subspecialty. There are no generalizations, and writers only use scientific models and industry terminology.

Critical instance case studies rely heavily on primary research and the scientific method. Professionals use these to answer cause-and-effect questions about the problem. They follow-up with one or two solutions. While these four case study formats are the most commonly used, they are by no means the only methods.

These often include program implementation and program effects. Case study writing is complex and requires advanced knowledge of terminology used in the field being written about.

This is not a project that should be left to novice writers. The following frequently asked questions will help customers while working with a professional writer. Ultius only works with All-American writers who have demonstrated an above-average writing ability.

Many of the writers we work with hold advanced degrees in the sciences, arts, business, and humanity industries. You may request a specific writer or explore our advanced writer options. Writers only use verifiable, peer-reviewed sources. This means we use professional journals in your field and government statistics and data. Writers also focus their research towards the criteria you listed. Writers use professional tone when writing your case study. Terminology depends on the field and order instructions.

Many of the writers have access to industry encyclopedias and dictionaries. They will research each topic and use terms and definitions common to your profession. We also work with writers who have experience working in professional industries such as political science, business, economics, social work, and law. While this section answers a few of the common questions clients have about case study specifics, we understand there are more general questions our customers may have.

We invite you to check out a list of common FAQs. Ultius works with writers who have written case studies in a variety of topics and industries such as top corporations and national brands, criminal justice and legal research, socio-economic status and crime, and much more. We compiled the following list of case study examples writers have created feel free to read some of them before placing your order. Best Buy is a publicly traded retailer that operates electronics and entertainment stores primarily within North America.

With the recent technology boom and fierce competition among technology retailers, Best Buy was faced with sales and marketing problems. The company developed several innovative store features designed to solve their problem. The fast food industry is one of the most competitive industries to enter in the entire world. Chains are constantly developing new marketing schemes to drive revenue. Sonic Drive-In is alone in this competition. The fast food chain started with one theme, and this marketing strategy has served to eliminate much of the competition problems other businesses face.

Americans recently witnessed an increase in public shootings. Experts question why these events are becoming more frequent and what solutions should be implemented to stop the problem.

This sample criminal justice case study explores the story of John Zawahri, a man who went on a shooting spree in the town of Santa Monica, California. Check out our free samples page or use our site search. Ultius only works with writers who have demonstrated an ability to write versatile case studies and other papers. Review more sample papers from these world-class writers.

They are specialized research papers most often used in the social sciences, medical, and legal fields. It is vital that case studies provide the necessary background information needed to understand the problem. Detailed descriptions walk you reader through the problem and how you reached a solution. They are written to either encourage the reader to come up with a solution of their own or to evaluate a solution that was previously offered.

Before writing your case study, make a plan for gathering and analyzing information. Analyze your sources for reliability as your gather information.

Many writers use a five-step process to gather and evaluate their research. Choose a specific case that represents the problem you want to address. The situation or problem should be recent i. Gather as much information about the problem and case study as possible and analyze all the elements surrounding the situation.

Determine the final solution implemented, and collect evidence on why the solution worked or did not work. They basically tell the story of a problem and how it was fixed, focusing mainly on the evidence and the solution.

Your job as a writer is to guide the reader through the analysis of the problem as if they were actually part of the project. Start by explaining the synopsis and findings and discussion, and then move on to the discussion. Following a step-by-step guide helps writers focus their thoughts and structure their document. The general format for a case study includes eight main sections. Keep your audience type in mind as you prepare the case study.

You are writing for them and need to address their expertise and concerns. You may want to incorporate other elements or sections into your project. Just remember that all case studies include a synopsis or summary, findings, conclusion, and analysis. Start by exploring the thesis statement of your case study. Did the author set out to solve a major issue or offer workable suggestions for a workable part of the overall problem?

Move on to the findings, discussion, and conclusions. Keep in mind that this type of conclusion is designed as the final thoughts on the actual case, not your recommendations or implementation.

Case studies require specific structural formatting, written in a scientific tone. Case studies are written in a specific tense, tone, and style. Most of these papers are written using the scientific tone. This means they use industry language and scientific definitions such as legal, medical, science, and technology terms. Case studies usually are written in the past tense, as they are about studies that have already taken place.

While the tone is usually cool and distant, a tone of warmth is allowed or encouraged in some situations. Use your judgment to decide which tone is appropriate for the topic of your case study.

Remember that a case study is a scientific document aimed at addressing an audience in your profession and should be written as such. Approach the problem from a scientific mindset and only use verifiable research sources.

Scientific forms of writing require scientific thinking. Even if your case study includes informal observations, they should not include opinion that is not sufficiently backed up by evidence of some sort. A skilled scientific paper raises questions or problems and formulate a clear and precise hypothesis.

Scientific writing involves gathering and assessing data and using abstract ideas to interpret them effectively. Make sure your case study includes well-reasoned conclusions and solutions and tests them against relevant standards. Keep an open mind when recognizing and assessing assumptions, implications, and consequences.

Combining the advice in this section with the rest of the information contained in this guide will ensure that you soon master the art of crafting comprehensive case studies. Start with an executive summary, then follow up with your findings and in the original research. Case studies follow a detailed structure designed to convey highly-technical information to a professional industry.

Following the eight-section structure help new writers achieve optimal performance while helping navigate the intensive research requirements. The synopsis or executive summary is basically your introduction.

Here, you will begin by outlining the purpose of the case study. Describe the field of research and where it was conducted. This is the section where you will discuss the issues and findings of the case study in a brief summary or introduction. Avoid overly simplistic language or general terms Case studies are industry-specific and use highly technical terms.

Identify the main theory you will use to analyze the case. Use verifiable evidence and secondary or primary research to support your analysis of each problem from the case itself or outside research which you will have to cite properly.

One of the main goals of this section is to uncover the underlying problem s that led to the bigger issue the case deals with. The findings section is often divided into sub-sections, one for each problem. This section is precisely what it sounds like: Summarize the major problem s and identify its solution s. Add alternative solutions to solidify your claim. Keep in mind that your audience should be able to validate and prove any solutions offered.

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