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❶Is your inventory manager spread too thin? Simple formula adjustments to basic models can take account of changing costs and demand.

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If you fancy diving in deeper, the website of Kees Jan Roodbergen , professor of quantitative logistics at University of Groningen, is a great place to start, particularly for complex aisle layouts.

His interactive warehouse tool also helps visualise the advantages of different routing methods. Slotting is simply the matching of products or SKUs to the most appropriate storage location, based on size, pick velocity, zoning or other factors.

Re slotting is a commitment to slotting efficiency, regularly re-evaluating your locations and their contents. For large facilities , the resulting uptick in labour productivity and storage density can substantially cut warehouse handling costs.

Nothing has had a greater impact on inventory management techniques than technological innovation. Which begs the question, how much are you taking advantage of? Once again, proceed from your success metrics. If your aim is to boost inventory accuracy, which technologies can best help you hit this target? Even worse, overworked employees will wreak havoc on other critical success metrics, from perfect orders to counting accuracy. In short, long-term understaffing, in numbers or skills, is generally a false economy.

If demand is high and margins low, it can be hard to hear, but numerous studies attest to the damage understaffing causes. If you must understaff, try to do so for as little time as possible, and be aware of the possible effects on late deliveries, customer dissatisfaction, employee turnover, missed opportunities and even the increased risk of workplace injuries.

As inventory management and warehousing methods become ever more complex, employees must be engaged and taught the right skills to deliver high performance. That should ring alarm bells for any business with a sizeable warehouse.

A further Gallup meta-analysis involving nearly 1. The transport and storage industries have significantly higher rates of injury than average , with a large proportion of slip and trips and the second highest handling injury rate.

Keeping inventory secure is a combination of knowing what you have and limiting access. Of course, accurate records, validated by effective counting procedures, will help here.

Access to your wider storage facility must also be controlled, but be sure to take stronger measures where high value items are at risk, either by installing security cages or implementing more stringent personnel controls. Internal theft is delicate to eliminate and easy to ignore, but it could really cost you. A little known but terrifying fact: In fact, there are very few businesses in existence that avoid it completely.

Storage facilities are an easy target due to the density of high value items and the wealth of opportunity. Fortunately, there are many proven ways to reduce shrinkage , including undercover staff or tip lines. The most important thing is not to tolerate it, and ensure that employees are aware of the penalties.

Your email address will not be published. In the US, inventories to sales have actually been steadily increasing since the financial crash: How do you measure success? Who is ultimately accountable for effective inventory management?

Is your inventory manager spread too thin? How do you determine ordering frequency? What is your forecasting model and could it be improved? Are you prepared for peak seasons? This is especially true for ecommerce retailers, who experience disproportionately large spikes in the fourth quarter: Are your current storage facilities adequate?

What is your inventory counting procedure? What is your inventory record accuracy? How much excess or obsolete inventory do you have? How do you eliminate excess or obsolete inventory? Is your current warehouse layout effective? What is your order picking procedure?

Does your warehouse benefit from reslotting? The differentiator to other consultancies is the personal approach that REL provides. The team asked sensible questions, listened, absorbed and synthesized the information into the project approach. They were sensitive to the different stakeholder requirements and responsive to requests. I would definitely use them again. The project was very professionally handled and has given us good value.

It's done what needed to be done and the results were outstanding. REL's input in our supply chain process provided real opportunities for improvement in a short period of time. Their knowledge and strong work ethic were key elements in our decision to continue do business with them. Our Clients Our Global Influence. Your source for working capital management insight and intelligence Through our annual working capital management research and repository of fact-based performance metrics, benchmarking data and best practices, we provide insight that can help you achieve corporate goals by liberating cash.

Why a Good Forecast Beats Safety Stock Ideally, a forecast prepares you to meet customers demand without leaving a lot of extra inventory in the warehouse.

Defining Customer Service Levels - How to Keep Customers and Shareholders Satisfied Companies can reduce inventory of finished goods and components and optimize receivables while ensuring the optimal allocation of resources to the most profitable customers. Don't Be a Slob: Slow Moving or Obsolete One of the core concepts of effective inventory management is the trade-off between the levers of cash, cost and service.

Optimising Your Inventory is Science, Not Art Optimal inventory levels can be determined with a high level of precision by taking a systematic and scientific approach to inventory optimisation. Using Incentives for Optimization Inventory reduction initiatives are usually initiated centrally, by the finance, treasury or supply chain department. Contact us Take the first step toward releasing more cash from your operations.

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Inventory Management Research Your source for working capital management insight and intelligence Through our annual working capital management research and repository of fact-based performance metrics, benchmarking data and best practices, we provide insight that can help you achieve corporate goals by liberating cash.

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Inventory Management: Information, Coordination and Rationality 1 Inventory management and research will continue to play a central role in the success of a product and the firms in its supply chain. The chapter brings together separate but inherently related streams.

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Research suggests there is a positive link between effective inventory management and financial performance, which shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Lean inventory practices may not be right for all, but companies that encourage agility across the supply chain can reduce days in inventory while increasing service levels. Although research on inventory management has been around for decades, it still gets significant attention from the research community, as ensuring product availability at low costs is critical to survive in the ever more complex, global, fierce business environment of today.