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Research Paper on Michael Jordan

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❶Jordan left with the highest career scoring average in the NBA's history. Jordan became Olympic champion in in the status of amateur and as a part of the Dream Team in , when he has the status of a professional.

Research Paper on Michael Jordan

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Jordan, Michael 1963–

He finished the season with a scoring average of The Bulls faced the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs and lost in all four games. Dissatisfied and disappointed, Jordan trained hard over the off-season to win his first playoff series. Early on in his career Michael was presented with mild success, but still unproven in the playoffs. Yet as the rest of the world was about to find out, MJ was possibly the most physically and mentally dominant player on the court.

He earned the MVP status in , , and , while scorching through the Finals and winning three consecutive NBA championships He led the NBA in scoring for 7 consecutive seasons. The shocking tragedy, hit Michael very closely, and to pay homage to his father, decided to quit from basketball and play baseball.

The entire basketball world was in stunned. Many critics disagreed with the move, but Michael was determined. After one lackluster season with the minor league Birmingham Barons, Michael reasonably decided for his return to basketball and to the Bulls. Many fans were delighted to see the return of the most exciting player return to the courts. After the death of his father and his stint with baseball, Jordan returned to his true love, basketball; and to resume his record breaking career.

After his return to basketball, he played as if he had never left, leading the Bulls to a win season and a return to the Finals in After seven NBA championships, Michael decided to retire from basketball. Yet with his charismatic ego and motivation to play the game, Michael returned once again to basketball, this time with the Washington Wizards.

Two unsuccessful seasons later, at age 40, Michael decided to call it quits. In his final game played, he scored the final shot against the 76ers. Michael Jordan ended his career with 32, points, the 3rd highest in NBA history. Although many say he tarnished his career by playing with the unproductive Wizards, his leadership, long-term career and personal motivation cannot be dismissed.

The mark of a great player is shown by an evolution of the game as it progresses. As a senior, he earned the Naismith Award as the top basketball player in college basketball. In the draft, the Chicago Bulls picked Jordan third overall. During his rookie season with the Bulls, he scored 40 points or more seven times. In the — season, he averaged an unheard of From making spectacularly unimaginable shots, to winning slam-dunk contents, the high-flying, tongue-wagging Jordan soon became the most popular athlete in the world.

Intimidating and extremely competitive, he had a knack for hitting game-winning shots and playing tenacious defense. Other commercials, such as those starring him alongside movie producer Spike Lee, were also very successful. Jordan and his Chicago Bulls teammates went on to win three consecutive championships from — The loss of his father was devastating for Michael.

Just three months later, he announced his first retirement from basketball. He did not stay away from sports for long. In , Michael pursued his dream of playing baseball. Unfortunately, Michael was less than successful in baseball. He would go on to lead the Bulls to three more NBA championships. On January 13, , with seemingly nothing more to prove or accomplish, Michael Jordan retired for a second time.

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Michael Jordan was possibly the best basketball player in the history of the National Basketball Association. His career spanned over nineteen glorious seasons.

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Research Paper on Michael Jordan July 30, writer Research Papers 0 Michael Jordan (February 17, ) is an American basketball player, who is often called the best player in basketball of all times, multiple winner of the National Basketball Association championship within a team of the Chicago Bulls, two-time Olympic champion, known . Research Papers research paper (paper ) on Michael Jordan: A The Early Years of the Great One Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born on February 17, , in Brooklyn, New York. When he was still very young, Micha. Research paper

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Michael Jordan research is very interesting to write, it discovers all the biography of this great sportsman, his ups and downs in his career and life. Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the son of Deloris and James Jordan. He has three siblings, Ronald James, Deloris, and Larry. Mike was born on February 17th, in Brooklyn Hospital. He grew up in North Carolina. Before basketball Mike enjoyed playing the game of baseball. I chose him because I knew.