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Research Paper on Gender Discrimination


❶Lack of Political and Economic Power It is an obvious fact that the most important political parts are played by male representatives.

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20 Perfect Topics for Opinion Essays on Gender Equality/Inequality
Check out These Topics for Your Research Paper on Gender Inequality
Essay About Gender Inequality VS Thesis

Remember that even if you support only one side of the argument, you still should mention the opposite opinions and the reasons why they exist. In your research on gender inequality thesis statement should express your view of the general situation. Ask yourself if you realize that men and women can get different money for doing the same job, and if such an approach to human labour is fair at all.

Gender wage gap essay topics all appear to be quite controversial and complex. Thus, your research paper and its thesis statement on discrimination against women or men in certain jobs and its extent will look more persuasive to your professor.

It actually starts much earlier than we can imagine. So, if you are deeply interested in it, we can recommend making a gender inequality research paper outline.

Then you can check how long ago the hidden fight against the violence of patriarchal society actually started, contrast its methods with the ones applied today. By the way, referring to these facts and the well-known successes could also serve as an interesting twist in some parts of your gender equality essay introduction or arguments, for example.

In your argumentative essay on gender inequality you can debate this issue as well. Domestic abuse and violence implies a rather regular pattern of incidences that often feature signs of controlling, threatening, bullying by one partner or spouse. Mostly, such incidents happen at home. However, not only girls or women can become victims of domestic violence.

Thesis statement of an essay on such topic can also consider incidents in which boys and men are involved. Still, you should remember that if a gender inequality thesis statement of your research paper is intended to cover the discrimination not only against women, but also against men, do not narrow your research to feministic surveys only.

However surprising it may seem to us, who are so used to supporting women in the fight for equality, men has started claiming that some of their human please mind this word rights are infringed.

Consider this idea as a basis of your potential sexism essay thesis. A research paper on gender inequality is quite a standard assignment for college students. Of course, it requires you to spend much time on searching for good materials and just analysing the whole situation adequately, probably even reconsidering some of your own views.

However, writing a gender inequality essay can be considered an easier thing if we compare it to writing a paper on what gender equality can be. You see, you can find many examples to make a good thesis statement on discrimination. Unfortunately, some of these examples can be taken not from news but even from real life.

But how would you describe the ideal which the modern society is striving to? Essay introduction for such a topic could include some quotes from classic utopias. It would be also an original idea to mention some gender stereotypes. Thesis statement in this case may cover your own opinion on the prejudices which actually hinder our social and cultural development, as well as on the ways to ruin such stereotypes on a more local or even global scale.

You can also think about an ideal balance between gender roles. Thesis or essay on such topic could bring out a fresh outlook on the issue of gender discrimination and human equality in general. Research paper on sexism and gender inequality essay outline one of the most serious problems which society has created by itself and has to face now — our laws claim we are all equal, but our routine proves we are not.

New views on and solutions for the challenges that take their roots in this problem will help us overcome it and change the world for the better. However, remember that you should always take a position of a rational educated person. If you are a guy who has to write a women inequality essay, stay away from criticising feminists, for example. If you decide to write a sexism essay, thesis for it can present your own views on the issue. But remember that you should support them with arguments from valid sources, expressed by reputable scientists and researchers.

Good luck with your research and stay free from any prejudices or stereotypes. Great article, thank you, https: Essay About Gender Inequality VS Thesis There will be a significant difference between an essay on gender inequality, gender inequality research paper and the thesis on this issue.

Here are a few aspects to consider: Lack of Political and Economic Power It is an obvious fact that the most important political parts are played by male representatives. This is caused by the factor that usually men have better financial opportunities, which lets them realize their supremacy in politics.

Consequently, women possess less economic power, as major influential people in global economies are male. For example, birth control access, paid sick leave, child care questions and equal wages are discussed and resolved mostly by men.

Gender Roles and Stereotypes The concept of gender roles is based on certain stereotypes, which have been developed historically as well as due to the biological factors. This determines a choice of the service sector professions.

Men are considered as bread-makers and workers, so they tend to have the jobs which are more economically valuable. There is one more critical issue due to gender inequality. Social Issues Caused by the Gender Inequality As women are considered to be a weaker sex psychologically and physically , they more often become the victims of the domestic violence.

While writing your paper, you may review the variety of domestic violence thesis statement examples to see the main set of problems connected with this aspect. Women are not allowed to control their biological functions when it comes to abortion. Giving birth to a child makes woman even less sustainable to the social and economic threats.

Ways to Manage the Gender Inequality Popularizing family planning campaign, when a woman can decide on the number of children she desires to have. Women should be prevented from making illegal and not safe abortions, which are dangerous to women reproductive system and overall health state. Reproductive and sexual rights should be provided to women. This can be applied by given an easy access to reproductive medical services to them.

One more helpful step to tackle the issue is promoting sexuality education and letting female teenagers know about ways to protect themselves from AIDS, HIV and undesired pregnancies as well as violence.

Not only the countries with high economic level but also the countries which are less developed should care about this issue. She found out that attitude of parents towards their kids play a major role in forming personality. She wrote that parents mostly in South Asia consider their daughters weak and vulnerable. This mentality is the initial step of discrimination. If there are not equal promotion opportunities for male and female in an organization then there is gender discrimination present in that organization.

In most cases of gender discrimination, women are paid less than men working on the same position. Stats show that in America women only earn 77 cents as compared to one dollar earned by men. There are several reasons for such incidents. The following figure shows statistics of an interview. American men and women were asked if they faced discrimination in getting a promotion or new opportunities. Many organizations are biased in providing opportunities. This biasness is mostly towards female employees.

Even in the developed country like America, women claimed that they were denied of new opportunities because of their gender. A case of denying career opportunities based on gender appeared in Good Year Tire Company.

Similar incidence happened in Svenska Handlesbanken, an international banking firm. Victoria Greenbaum was denied of vice presidency positions despite the recommendations of her seniors.

Every time different explanation was given by the company for not appointing her to this post. As we discussed earlier there are several factors which create a discriminatory environment mostly for women.

Job capabilities, bargaining skills, nature of job and work-load are few issues. These are challenges which mostly women face while entering the job market and on the other hand men face several other challenges.

Moreover, there is not much institutional support to decrease gender discrimination. Although there are laws implemented but still not a country in the world has managed to eradicate gender discrimination completely. In the USA there are following laws implemented to prevent such behavior.

This law was made to protect female workers. It prohibits companies to discriminate against pregnant employees. Every country has laws which prohibit discrimination at workplace against any gender. We only mentioned laws of USA. Regardless of these laws, there are still a lot of complaints about gender discrimination at workplace. These are few recommendations to prevent such cases.

Gender discrimination is a mentality. People accept discrimination at workplaces. To eradicate this psychology we need to empower our women. A better education opportunity is first step to for empowering women.

We need to come up with more strategies, short term and long term goals for gender equity. Gender discrimination in the workplace is unfair treatment of employees based on their gender.

It is a civil rights violation. There are different forms of gender discrimination such as harassment, unequal pay, unequal career opportunities, pregnancy discrimination and discrimination in hiring. Unfortunately, most of the times women are subject to gender discrimination even in developed countries like the USA.

However, there are laws implemented in USA and most of the other countries, which protects victims of gender discrimination.

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May 19,  · Research Paper on Gender Discrimination In this country, one of the most common types of discrimination is based on gender. Throughout history there has never been a time or place where women enjoyed complete equality with men.

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- Gender Discrimination in India In India, gender discrimination is the biggest issue and has been going on since ancient time because of the cultural and social differences. Gender is always separated by roles of social and cultural beliefs for men and women.

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This research includes Gender Discrimination in The Workplace literature review, examples and Gender Discrimination Laws. Keywords: gender discrimination, gender inequality, gender rights Introduction. Gender inequality, or in other words, gender discrimination refers to unfair rights between male and female based on different gender roles which leads to unequal treatment in life.

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Discrimination research papers show that discrimination is a double edged sword. In a research paper on discrimination, you want to be sure to show both sides of the issue and how each camp sees the problem. Still, you should remember that if a gender inequality thesis statement of your research paper is intended to cover the discrimination not only against women, but also against men, do not narrow your research to feministic surveys only.