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❶Benefits include a competitive salary, generous PTO, medical, dental and vision coverage with no employee contribution, and a k plan with employer contribution. Parker sneaked out a ball pen of their own in

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how can my resume demonstrate initiative, problem-solving, work ethic, and other qualities?

Yeah, those lists of skills are often remarkably unhelpful, for exactly the reason you name: Most people think they possess those qualities, whether or not they actually do. But many job-seekers just load up their resumes with those types of words, which is incredibly ineffective. Self-assessments from relative strangers count for basically nothing in hiring and probably in life, too. Employers want to see actual evidence of those things, not just proclamations.

I have a hard enough time already trying to construct a cover letter that adds something new. I actually think a cover letter can be a good place to address some of these miscellaneous things, depending on the job description and your skills! You probably take show initiative more often than you think.

For example, after seeing my bosses messy and ineffective file cabinets and storage room, I created an entirely new filing system, complete with a searchable spreadsheet of all of the files and their locations. She loved it and we update it everytime we move a file.

At my previous job, most employees were part time. As admin, I created a Google doc system where everyone could communicate with each other on what they had done while they were in the office. I especially used this since I worked on the weekends when nobody else was in the office. I make a list for my boss every Monday for what needs to be done that week. I created a system that allows her to focus on the task at hand while I make sure nothing sneaks up on her as far as deadlines go.

These are all small projects but helpful in demonstrative initiative since nobody asked me to do these things. I volunteered to tackle a backlog that nobody wanted to touch, and everyone claimed was too time-consuming to deal with — within 3 weeks, the backlog was gone.

People had been griping about the backlog for at least 5 years! Or is this a sign that I need to find ways to branch out of my position so I can throw stuff on my resume? I just do little things every day that contribute. AaM tackled this in a post last year. It was in regards to someone who was a receptionist, but her suggestions were pretty good in my opinion and the comments were, as usual, very helpful.

Does this sound accomplishment-based enough? I could say what I do but not how it compares to departmental or institutional averages, for the most part. I have no comparative metrics. I think this is a good list. What would be impactful to interviewers would be to see the outcome of these initiatives. Created new tracking system…resulted in reducing time to completion from 4 days to 2 days.

Revamped process…response time was improved by 15 days. Assisted with onboarding for project…which came in under the deadline for all milestones as a result. Go to person — ok here you talk about analysis, what kind of analysis? Maintain relationship — I imagine this involved a contact database of some sort? Managed stakeholder relationships of 55 partners, serving as the primary contact for broken teapots, new teapot colors, and teapot logistics.

Be specific about what you are in contact about, this will highlight your areas of expertise. Provide additional support — if you did not do this job how much less would those salespeople have sold because they had to do it themselves? In short, WHY did you do those things. You had a desired outcome, explain what it was here.

The process improvements like the ones on your list will almost always increased productivity, reduced downtime, lower costs, improve profit, or minimize errors. Although interchageable, the nib collar was a little different in design, the "45" collar covering more of the nib.

The Big E was then sold complete with a free cartridge and new converter, which ordinarily was a cent item. Also in a cheaper cartridge pen with a plastic cap and body, called the Challenger was launched to "challenge competition". It was bubble-packed to a card "for consumer convenience". The Challenger was also based on the It had a chrome trim, but lacked the metal cap lip of the Big E.

They were also available as a rotary pencil and twist actuated ball pen in either Sterling silver, Gold plated or 14k gold. The Doric was however discontinued within a couple of years. The Arrow was aimed directly at the 22 million young people in high school and college. The price of the Arrow, coupled with values like a karat replaceable point and cartridge convenience, was designed to attract them to Parker products.

A smaller sized Lady "45" was also offered, a "smartly styled version of the Convertible pen". Two models were offered; the gold Lady "45" with its cap screw and barrel tassy fashioned of an impregnated wood material, and the chrome Lady "45" with cap screw and tassy matching the grip area. As the name suggests, they were aimed to be sold to students.

They had a transparent plastic collar around the top of the section so that the student could personalise the pen by inserting a piece of paper with a name on it under the plastic. It had a very distinct clip, crocodile-style, and a gripping section with indentations for a better grip. They didn't have the gold nibs of the Parker "45" and another difference was a stainless steel tassie ring. Items in the Parker archives also suggests that the pens were sold either with stainless caps or plastic caps, Parker "45" Arrow style.

The Varsity was also some 10 millimeters shorter and more "stubby" than the "45". Another uncommon "45" family member was made in Canada, probably around , a Victory with a metal cap and an Eversharp-styled clip, although without the "E". There is also a Danish made Penol , that sports the Eversharp clip, but the little square where the "E" should be have been is chased. This clip seems to be held in place by as mall plastic gear. By the It was offered as a fountain pen, mechanical pencil and ball pen.

The ball pen was also offered in the additional colour of White. It sported a "ridged" clip, similar to the one found on the Parker "21" with the "E" at the top of the clip. Its innovative Porosyn tip glides as you write a fine line, a medium line and even when you create a broad line. The tools had come out from the Parker Special Products Division , which was organised in , who by had come up with some different producs.

The Clipit was launched already in August of The Drivit screwdriver, with three interchangeable blades, the Dew'it push-button moistener, the Sta-pul staple remover and the Redi-clip clip-dispenser, were among other things produced. George Parker , who was the president of Parker in the late 's explained: But, we don't know how. We bought Eversharp and tried to run it ourselves, and we couldn't do it. Our people just couldn't think in terms of big units, and they didn't know how to sell people on the lower priced end of the business — grocers, supermarkets, rack jobbers.

The result was, Bic and Paper Mate were cleaning up the lower priced end, Cross in the high, an Parker was getting squeezed in the middle. Volume was going up, but our costs went up faster, and our profits were squeezed. Everything on this website is copyrighted by law and can not be used without written permission from the author, Tony Fischier.

You may however use the information as reference material and although it is forbidden to make digital copies or reproductions it may be physically printed for personal use, which does not include use on other web pages or in advertising.

You may however quote parts of the content of this website , digitally or physically, providing that the source and author is clearly stated, together with the copyright information.

In the US referred to as Fair use. If you use any information on this site, a link is appreciated. Feel free to donate a small sum through Paypal to help this site to stay online. Please donate to help me keep this site online.

Which model is my pen? Parker Premier MK I. He even had a large silver desk base made for Dwight D. The trouble was that unless a left-handed person held the pen in an akward position they would drag the hand through the wet ink while writing. The ideas developed over time into the famed Parker "45".

The patents showing the Parker "45" nib, collector and the converter was filed in and states Homer Ted Green as the inventor. He was also the man behind the T1 's integrated nib.

Nevertheless the road to the finished pen was long and winding. The Parker-Eversharp story really started with a patent infringement. This took place in October, before Eversharp's official release. This didn't discourage him from producing his own pen. He launched a massive ad campaign and Eversharp couldn't stop him from eventually selling millions of ball pens. Of course a legal battle followed and Eversharp had no other choice than to launch their own pen, the " CA ", even though it hadn't yet been fully tested.

Eversharp launched the CA late in April following an unprecedented concentration of ads. In New York alone Eversharp bought ten full pages on a single day. This was of course a strategy to make up for time lost. The same year a retractable CA was introduced without a cap. Eversharp then decided that the name "CA" was so stained that it was removed from all advertising.

They were plastic pens with chrome caps and gold trim, nicknamed "slipper caps" on account of the pens having a "seam" around the rim. The first model was referred to as the and was offered in the colours of Black, Red, Blue and Green. By December the second generation of Symphony was introduced, and came in three different designs, the Standard with a narrow cap band, the Deluxe , which had a wide cap band and the Golden Symphony, with a gold filled cap. The colour range was also enhanced.

Furthermore an economy model, strangely advertised as the Luxury , was also introduced. It was very similar to the "", but distincly smaller. The was discontinued, also around , and was replaced by an all plastic version, introduced in

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