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Installing Protective Paper On Your Floors

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❶I can understand why it would be useful on a roof. The purpose of the rosin paper is to seperate the wood to wood contact that will for sure cause squeeks.

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Elmer Fudd , Nov 11, Barry Carlton , Nov 11, To answer your question, I don't staple down my paper. I put it curl down, and just lay a board at each end. To answer the questions the other person asked. One, it makes the flooring easier to rack. Two, depending on which paper you use, it can provide a degree of protection from moisture vapor.

Steve Olson , Nov 11, There is no name on the box but i was told it was a shaws product and after looking up the numbers on the box that seems to be true. Also there are no instructions in any of the boxes. Im not even sure if I need any type of paper barrier I just assumed. The flooring is going on the first floor and has a unfinished basement under it. I hear the black felt has a little smell for a few weeks, So do I even need to put a vapor barrier down??

Barry Carlton , Nov 12, In reference to what RG posted, I think you should just answer the question that was asked. I would use Aquabar B a product made by Fortifiber. Aquabar B Yes, you do need to use this type of paper under wood flooring, if the room below is not "conditioned space". I don't think I've ever noticed a smell from 15lb felt paper, after the install was completed, but its possible. It is made for roofing, where any odor would not be noticed, but, you're better off using the Aquabar B anyway.

Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. In Home Improvement , Flooring. Rosin paper is used under hardwood flooring to provide a vapor barrier. Many manufactures today say that rosin paper is your choice. It does make installation easier because the boards move around the floor smoother, but offers little more.

Can you use a steam mop to clean hardwood floors? Under no condition should a wood floor be steamed mopped! Wood is extremely prone to bubbling, swelling, and warping withexposure to water over time. There are products that state they aresafe to use on "sealed" wood. The flaw in that statement is theidea that your entire floor is sealed. If your floor is a prefinished floor as most are today, each boardcame separate.

The tops of the board are polyurethaned but the sidesare not. As the steam is pressed into those spaces your floor willbe permanently damaged in time. A site finished floor where you have sanded bare wood and appliedthe polyurethane in your home has the same issue as above.

Once theseasons change the boards begin to shrink in winter causing thepolyurethaned to break in between each board. These spaces are notlarge and you many not be able to easily seem them while walkingacross. But these steam mops will allow water to make its waybetween the boards. Regardless what a product states, do not use these on your floor.

Bruce, Armstrong, Hartco, Tarkett, and Thomasville all state theyvoid warranties on a floor that has water damaged caused by seammops. Please see attached link. Hardwood can swell with the steam from the mop. Even if the top ofthe boards are polyurethaned the floor is still able to get wet. As your floor expands and contracts with the humidity in the air,polyurethane will have tiny cracks in between each board. Thisallows water to make it way onto the floor.

No, a steam mop should never be used on a wood or laminate floor. The steam leaves to much water on the floor, even "sealed" woodflooring. Also, the humidity causes the wood to expand and thenretract every time you use it. Wood and laminate manufactures void your warranty if you do use anddamage your floor with a steam mop. Surely a manufacture knowstheir product best! Water and wood don't mix. Then why would you trust falseadvertising and use steam or water on your fabulous hardwoodflooring?

I agree with the other comments shown prior to mine. Please use floor cleaners recommended by the wood flooring mfrs. I am using a portable steam mop and it works great on hardwoodfloor. Yes, water do damage the hardwood floor but you need to use rightsteamer that do not leave much water on floor after cleaning. Speaking as a professional contractor, It is very acceptable to usea steamer to clean your floors.

The species of wood doesn't really matter as muchas the manufacturer's dedication to quality. A lot of manufacturersuse an aluminum oxide coating on their products. Outdated productswill use polyurethane but a lot of the newer products are a lottougher; some weighing in at an astounding 35 year warranty. If iwas running a multi million dollar company, I would make sure thatmy product could withstand such a trivial thing such as water.

Companies provide cautionary advice as to go the extra mile;usually not because that the said product will actually do damage. How do you maintain hardwood floors used in basketball courts? Basketball courts are usually given a heavy coat of polyurethane. They are buffed regularly to maintain the high gloss shine that isessential to having a proper playing surface.

Putting in new hardwood flooring what is the proper procedure for using an electric jam saw? First, remove the door from the jamb. Then, with your jamb saw handy, take a piece of scrap of the floor you intend to install use a scrap piece because the blade of the saw may scratch the piece while your adjusting your height and put the scrap piece against the door jamg. Take your jamb saw, and adjust your height according to the pice of the scrap. It depnds on what type of jamb say your using.

With the kind that looks like a circular saw with the blade mounted horizontally, and the motor on top of the blade, you can make your adjustment and remove the scrap piece and make your cut.

The blades on this type of jamb saw tend to be much thicker, so when you adjust your height, take that into consideration, as well as the installation method you plan to use glue down, nail down, or floating because each method has a different height depending on what's beneath the wood.

If you're using the kind of jamb saw that looks like it was converted from a 4" grinder, or like the Bosch that reciprocates, you'll need to keep the scrap piece against the jamb so you get a straight cut. Remember to take into consideration what's underneath your wood, and the thickness of the blade so you don't have too much of a gap between the bottom of the cut jamb and the top of the wood. Be sure to not make it too tight though, or you'll have a real tough time installing it and it won't have enough room to "breathe" You only have to go deep enough to not see any cuts or ends of the wood flooring underneath the door casing molding.

Also, check the power of your motor, because if you have a smaller motor, and you keep trying to cut too deep into the 2x4 framing , you'll burn out your motor in no time. Can red rosin paper be used for waterproofing?

It is an air barrier. It will show signs if it gets wet and then dries. It is very useful as a undercoating material in building because it wicks moisture to a broad area and allows dissipation without damage; it was often used as such over sheathing, subfloors and etc.

It is not inferior or a poor substitute for Tyvec or similar- it is a better application in many circumstances. Is it better to use laminate or hardwood for a floating floor? The floors themselves install in a very similar fashion. If you want a floor with a lot of shine, you will want to go with hardwood.

If cost is an issue, laminate. Can you use rosin paper under wood siding? What is rosin paper used for? Sometimes used for maintaining cleaner floor surfaces when installing drywall and drywall finishing. Also used over exterior tile to prevent silt from entering tile.

Can you use a Shark steam cleaner on hardwood floors? Under no circumstances should a steam cleaning devise be used on a hardwood or laminate floor! Steam is essentially hot water. Water will damage your beautiful wood flooring. Consumers should contact their flooring manufacturer for safe cleaning methods and products. How do you install red rosin paper?

Roll it out, tape the edges to subfloor. Tape each subsequent piece to previous piece. You do not need to put roofing paper under it. On one crappy sub floor the plywood had so many little slivers the board would not slide well. I did put roofing paper down, which made the installation in that case very easy.

Any beginner can use paper and it's much easier to get into place. That is the only reason to use it except on an old, old plank floor. In we installed hardwood flooring in 3 bedrooms, using roofing felt as instructed by the store from which we purchased the flooring. I had already become chemically sensitive from the materials we used in the building of a home we lived in previously. When I walked in the first bedroom just after my husband had laid the tar paper and smelled it, I was concerned, but we had other things going on and wanted to get the job done and out of the way, and my husband brushed me off and went ahead and laid the flooring.

So we need to either spend thousands of dollars fixing the problem or move. I don't feel good about selling the problem to someone else. I believe tar paper under wood floor or cabinets is an old and effective preventive against termites! Our installer did this when installing our new cabinets in a condo several years ago and we have had NO bug problem since.

The old cabinets were riddled with termites, only paint holding them together! I cannot remember whether they attached the tar to the wall and floor or to the cabinets. None of the above. You should be using a pad designed for flooring; it prevents squeaks, insulates your floor and on the higher end pads, has a moisture barrier built in. The padding is more expensive but worth it. If you decide to go without, silicon paper is the minimum underlayment you want.

I have looked and looked on the net for answer to this question. So I thought, I don't want this under my floor and should be replaced. Then I thought one day, this seems silly to do this step. Our childhood home had hardwood floors and no felt paper.

I laid the floor and went at it and did two rooms. Now, here is where I think the answer comes into play and why underlayment is trivial for squeaks and pops. So, I believe it is about the subfloor wood in terms of creaking, not the underlayment. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. When installing hardwood floors, should I use rosin paper, roofing felt, or nothing underneath?

Aarthi 5 18 Cheeso 3 4 My contractor used felt. I believe for squeaks. To help prevent squeaks and air leaks. It's one less area of wood-on-wood contact to pop and squawk. It's still important because even with screw holes, it prevents moisture from outside air from contacting the majority of the drywall.

Rich Batten 31 1. John Scillieri 21 1. Steve Madden 11 1. Mike Powell 8, 1 13 The second room is an addition added roughly 10 years ago. The other room was built originally about 25 years ago. After the floor was laid, the original build room has some squeaks to it, but the addition has ZERO.

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USG Fiberock 3 ft. x ft. Floor USG Fiberock 3 ft. x ft. Floor Protector Paper keeps the dirt spills scratches and foot traffic off your newly installed flooring to ensure a clean finish. This sustainable product made from % recycled paper delivers constant protection and is non-staining even when wet/5().

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Rosin Paper the old school Floor Protection: Pro Tect Rosin paper has been a staple in the building and remodeling industry for quite a long time. While Pro Tect Poly Craft Mask is quickly replacing Rosin Paper some people just need a fast, inexpensive, protection for hard surfaces.

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And one of their recommendations is the use of asphalt felt paper over wood sub floors. Nowhere do they mention rosin paper. The problem with using rosin paper or some other paper the handyman mentions is what happens in the case of product problems. Brown Rosin Paper by Plasticover is a high quality, single-ply protection paper commonly used to protect floors, windows, counter tops, fixtures and many /5(24).

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Generally wood flooring these days is laid on a 3/4" plywood subfloor, whereas in the 50's and 60's a subfloor was 3" by 3/4" planking. Rosin paper would block light . The Trimaco 36 in. x in. Heavy-Weight Red Rosin Paper is an excellent moisture barrier making The paper useful for flooring and roofing projects. Ideal to use as underlayment, in landscaping, plastering and as protection against overspray/5(86).