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Time Capsule Essays (Examples)

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❶These works will be based in literature as well as in music. If I only showed positive items I would be a hypocrite for doing so.

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Let me explain what life in the twenty-first century is like. I am 22 years old and I study at university for my Bachelors degree. I also work part time to support myself financially because I still live with my parents and I do not want to be a burden on them.

I plan to become a chartered accountant in the next ten years so that I can buy a good house for myself in the suburbs since life in the city is quite stressful and noisy. I hope that some time in the future we will learn to act more responsibly towards the environment and be less wasteful.

Sometimes I am also concerned about things having changed drastically since I was a kid which is something my parents did not feel at my age. I also hope to marry after I…… [Read More]. A time capsule a grouping items future discovery. For purposes, imagine Time Capsules My daily life is based on routine and a deliberate forsaking of routine in which life can be lived.

The routine -- brushing my teeth, cooking my food, praying when I awake -- serves to create the foundation for which I can operate at maximum capacity throughout the day. I believe that in terms of popular culture, is essentially the nadir of all the decades of popular culture that preceded it.

Furthermore, I hope to provide a strong influence in the future in which I can change this, by producing works of popular culture that are truly worthy of the name. These works will be based in literature as well as in music.

Determining whether or not one should cheat on an examination issued in school is an example of a moral, decision…… [Read More]. Capsule from the 's Peers, colleagues, and supporters: I am honored and deeply intrigued by the items found within this time capsule.

There are many numerous items, yet the items seemed to be organized into collections of five distinct groups. The first collection of items is an assortment of items from the various student movements around the world during this period. Students in many countries organized and publically protested in a variety of ways, the perceived injustices of their societies.

There are a lot of posters and flyers advertising student groups, meetings for…… [Read More]. Art and Humanities From the Time Capsule. Art and Humanities From the time capsule containing art from the enaissance, it would seem the capsule must contain two representations of some of the very best of the art of the enaissance. Think of Michelangelo's "David" and Mantegna's "Adoration of the Magi" and you see great detail in the faces and bodies of the subjects, as well as in the background and implements in the painting.

Most of the themes were religious, but portraits were also…… [Read More]. Discovery of a Time Capsule. That indicates fewer tasks for their individuals. Globalization has actually brought about exploitation of labour. Detainees and under-age employees are utilized to work in inhumane conditions. Security requirements are overlooked to produce inexpensive items. There is job insecurity. Previously, individuals had steady, long-term tasks.

Now individuals reside in continuous dread of losing their tasks to competitors. Enhanced job competitors have actually resulted in decrease in earnings and subsequently lower standard of lives. Further, terrorists have access to advanced tools improving their capacity to cause damages. Terrorists utilize the Net for interacting amongst themselves. In addition, businesses have actually established sectors triggering pollution in nations with inadequate policy of pollution.

Individuals are consuming more unhealthy food from these areas which has a damaging effect on their wellness Pillai, Generally, the tradition of the 's has…… [Read More]. Legacy Chest Time Capsule. Legacy Chest My name is Murakachi Shukitu. I lived in the Heian Kyo period which dominated from McCullough, I live amongst poets and scholars, at what is considered the second level of court aristocracy. In my society, a woman has a duty to be married. My husband has several wives.

I have selected six items which I hope best demonstrate the role of women in this society, as well as those that express my desire for a better life for my female heirs. As a poet I have a great love of learning, yet as is common among women living during my time I never pursued a formal education. Capsule a Letter of Introduction to Tell. Capsule A letter of introduction to tell someone in the future about your day-to-day life. What is your daily experience? Tell this person about your habits, your customs, and your feelings about our present time, and your dreams for the future.

Hence, am writing this letter with the intention of telling you some significant things about this century that will help you see few things about this society and will give you brief introduction about the life in this century. At present, am a happily married woman who is a devoted wife and mother of a baby boy who is 18 months of age. My day-to-day life is very busy and includes taking care of my baby and my…… [Read More]. Capsule Military Life Today if.

I would include a DVD with a clip from the first debate between President Barak Obama and Senator John McCain, in which McCain told a story of how a woman with a son serving in Iraq begged him to keep American troops in that land, so her son would not die in vain.

Obama responded that he also wore a bracelet given to him by a woman whose child had died in the fight, a woman who begged him to bring the troops home so no other mother would have to suffer as she had suffered.

The quality of this level of debate about a questionable military enterprise would stand as testimony to our democracy. Finally, I would include a biography of Colin Powell, a man who has served his nation proudly in combat, and most recently as Secretary of State, despite the prejudice he faced in…… [Read More]. Capsule Imagine if You Could.

However, the life she found with her Native American captives was much more appealing to her. There were less religious restrictions, and as a woman, she had much more freedom in Iroquois culture. She was not doomed to become a submissive wife within the framework of Puritan colonialism, but instead she found her freedom through her adoptive Native American family.

In the time capsule, I would place a recent article describing the voting demographics of women in the most recent presidential election. Eunice chose a life of relative freedom, sticking up for herself and basically paving a path of feminist rights in the earliest stages of American history.

Thus, she would be proud to see how far this nation has come from its Puritan roots, giving women a…… [Read More]. Greetings from the Good People of ! Congratulations -- You Made It! A thousand years is a long time in the scope of humanity and we hope this message finds someone to read it in the future. If you are reading this, you have discovered the virtual time capsule that was created in to help capture some of the more salient and poignant aspects of life today in ways that may help you better understand us and perhaps forgive us for the damage we wrought on the planet you inherited from us.

This is not to say we were naive many of us are smart and some of us are clever here in , but we had other priorities and we always assumed you would be able to take care of anything we did, no matter how…… [Read More]. Analysis of The Times of Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk by ob Epstein One among the foremost feature documentaries that revolve around American gay life, ob Epstein's The Times of Harvey Milk, is a creation of advocacy, taking Harvey's message of equality and hope to a larger audience.

The documentary was envisioned to be an emotional narrative, which straight as well as homosexual viewers could access. The production technique of the film was extremely collaborative; moviemakers, advocates, and journalists hailing from diverse communities contributed their voice and stories, in addition to archival footage, feedback, and financial backing Esther, While The Times of Harvey Milk wasn't a hit at the box office, its theatrical release propelled the movie, with critical validation and awards, on a non-theatrical run that lasted long.

Despite being one among the most renowned of documentaries to be released in recent decades, The Times Of Harvey Milk was received more often as a political…… [Read More]. Searching for Lost Time When. I don't know what we expected to find. Inside the box, there was a piece of yellowed paper with careful cursive writing, a small statute of a horse covered in dirt, and oddly shaped papers, some of which I realized were paper dolls.

There were also some faded labels: I felt excited holding these things, but confused. He threw down the box with disgust. I suppose he was hoping we had found some sort of buried treasure of coins and jewels. History did not interest him -- he liked to find dead mice, crushed bugs, or strange-looking weeds. But I was fascinated.

I resisted the impulse to bury it and keep it for myself, a secret,…… [Read More]. Capsule Stress Management Techniques Outline. Try not to schedule too many things at once. In the words of one article by the health center at Colorado University entitled "10 Great Stress Reducers," learn to say 'no. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff, and don't make yourself crazy by overcommitting yourself and leaving everything to the last minute.

Ask yourself, do I need this? Do I have to do this? Of course, no one can completely avoid stress in their life, and in fact, some forms of stress can be good. Lots of people like the positive, controlled stress of exercise or performing.

There is a different 'perfect' balance of stress and relaxation for every person. But everyone can benefit from learning some ways to counteract the physical strains of being under stress.

Stretching -- and stretching often, even simply rolling down your spine, touching your…… [Read More]. In 10 weeks, thought critically concepts myths narratives, morality decision making, freedom, happiness, specific subjects literature, art, music, film, popular culture.

In my time, being human is a complex process. As a race, we exist on a series of predetermined conditions which serve to shape our daily experience into a habitual cycle of living. These general patterns converge to define the meaning of living in a modern era. As a rule, one person from my time undergoes a carefully structured education from birth to adulthood. A day in the life of a typical modern adult person starts with waking up amidst family and getting ready for work. Jobs are required to ensure continuous survival for a family and occupy an average of eight hours out of an adult's day span.

At times, adults disrupt…… [Read More]. Ten Items That Reflect Life in Given the dynamism of the early 21st century, though, accurately reflecting what life is like in is a challenging enterprise, particularly when faced with a 3-foot cubic space limitation when some time capsules are as large as living rooms Smith, Therefore, the selection of representative items and articles to include in such a time capsule requires careful consideration and a variety of opinions in order to accurately reflect the most salient aspects of American culture and lifestyles.

To this end, this paper proposes 10 items that can be placed in…… [Read More]. Describing Artifacts from the s. The five items found in the time capsule are: It is just one song on the record; others are: In terms of Renaissance philosophy, Galileo Galilei is an example of a humanist who strongly defended the gradual flourishing and subsistence to the scientific revolution happening in his society during the Renaissance period.

Galileo was a strong advocate for the usage of science in discovering truth and new knowledge, using the principles of mathematics and philosophy in strengthening the study of astronomy and physics in the society.

Through Galileo, the nature of free scientific inquiry prevailed, challenging, though not condemning, philosophical and theological issues that cannot empirically answer truth and reality in life. Dante Alighieri's "Inferno," meanwhile, is a literary piece that represented his inquiry into the spiritual and humanistic foundations of human existence during his time. In a period wherein theological foundations and philosophies are being questioned, Dante's "Inferno" confronted the moral and spiritual issues being questioned by Dante and his society during this challenging period of Renaissance.

I have two ideas about the container. One would be a book, that is hollowed out to hold the items. Frank McCourt always loved books, and it is what made him the man he is now, a writer, a teacher, and a legend.

The other would be some kind of container that held alcohol. McCourt always had a sense of humor, even about the most awful things that happened in his life. I think he would see the humor even if it is black in a time capsule left in a bottle or a can of booze, because he was not above laughing at himself. Angela's Ashes" takes place from through in Limerick, Ireland.

The novel follows the lives of Frank McCourt and his brothers. They are very poor, and…… [Read More]. Rock Song My Name Is. The enemy is sometimes the United States itself: Police brutality had been an ongoing political issue long before Rodney King's story made the mainstream media.

Moreover police brutality disproportionately impacted persons who were politically disenfranchised. The African-American community mistrusted the police because the police represented an illegitimate authority. Rather than invest money to repair impoverished African-American communities, the American government invested money into a militant police force that would oppress, subjugate, and humiliate its own citizens. The American Dream never existed; it was all a lie.

This was especially true for the African-American community. The vocals of "Know Your Enemy" are sung rap-style as if a tribute to the black community in America. Furthermore, the…… [Read More]. Thornton Wilder's Play Our Town. Thei deams ae moe depessing than they ae inspiing. When, fo example, Ms. Gibbs expesses he desie to see Pais, the audience knows she will not eve get to achieve he deam because of he husband's stubbon closed-mindedness. Emily's fustation with the lack of awaeness on the pat of the living in the thid act also daws attention to the stubbon clinging to outmoded ways of thinking that can chaacteize small town existence.

Wilde exploes small town insulaity with aplomb in Ou Town, and this in-depth exploation is the play's geatest stength. The playwight does so subtly and possibly unintentionally, examining the baies between eality and fiction, life and death. The Stage Manage begs the audience to ethink thei ole as viewes. Computerized Management Systems Truly Represent. Patient care improves when nurses are truly empowered to do their best work.

Computerized systems can help nurses to do their jobs even better, cutting out tedious work, allowing them to access information more efficiently and giving them the ability to make strong decisions based on cutting-edge information.

Improvements in the level of care, the level of safety, the facility's efficiency, the access to data and reduced cost all happen when clinicians can make "timely, accurate, evidence-based decisions at the point of care" Elsevier.

Computerized data systems create a sophisticated tool set to make sure that the most pertinent information is there when clinicians need it, making sure that clinicians engage in the necessary processes. This system was one of the pioneers of computerized health systems. It believed in digitizing all relevant information way before it…… [Read More]. L'Oreal's Strategic Direction Amidst the global economic downturn, France's cosmetics giant L'Oreal corporation outperformed projections in the first ten months of Innovation has kept L'Oreal's market position in front of its competitors, and the company has upheld its promise to stakeholders and its 64, employees alike to continue as the world leader in cosmetic products.

Our mission is to help men and women around the world realise that aspiration, and express their individual personalities to the full.

This is what gives meaning and value to…… [Read More]. Road Movies Tale of Two. Clarence and Alabama are capable of finding some sense of mirrored self in the eyes and common quest provided by relationship with another, and it is worth remembering that identity is serious business in "True Romance," serious enough to kill over, as in the film's perhaps most famous dialogue sequence, where Christopher alken assassinates a man whom he believes has impugned the identity of Sicilians.

Thus, the protagonists of "True Romance" are more successful than the protagonists of "Badlands. They win their quest for fulfillment, money, and excitement because they are able to work together, and are a more functioning romantic and criminal team together. Although togetherness provides the psychic fuel of the meaningless murders of "Badlands," the generation of the Kit and Holly couple is not really a couple at all.

The two never connect, and their…… [Read More]. Christianity the Ecclesiastical History of. Also, men oppose her for reasons of jealousy, he stresses, not because they really think that she is acting in an anti-Christian manner.

Thus while Socrates Scholasticus himself never even entertained any point-of-view remotely considered heretic, including Gnosticism and Manichaeism as well as Arianism, he never condoned violence and was able to see how personal and political biases could fuel hateful actions masking as 'anti-heretical' actions like the murder of a woman preacher.

Although he on a few occasions used the term "evil" is in regards to the Arians, and he gave ample attention to the benefits of the creation of the creed of Nicene, praising its ideals, more often than not Socrates Scholasticus used cool and factual language to describe controversies. Sometimes even the Arians who denied the consubstantiality of the Son with the Father and Trinitarian notions of God are given a chance, through excerpts, to 'speak' their…… [Read More].

Artistic View Wave Hill and. A sea of buildings would cover the Island of Manhattan, and the iron tentacles of urbanization would extend outward over hundreds of square miles, even into distant Riverdale in estchester County - the once rural site of ave Hill.

The picturesque rail line that up the eastern shoreline of the Hudson had by now been joined by a maze of elevated railways, streetcar lines, and examples of a new form of transportation that would soon change the landscape even more - the automobile.

The year after illiam Henry Appleton's death, New York's first subway line would go become operational. Skyscrapers, like the Flatiron Building , would soon rival in height the mountains so beloved of the Hudson River School. One response to the looming crisis of nature was to come in the form of city beautification, specifically in New York's case, in Central park - a new direction in American…… [Read More].

Fluid Inclusions Until the Early. These data are also critical in understanding modern mineral-deposit models, which promote cost-effective mineral exploration vital to our healthy industrial economy" Analysis of fossil fuels, Because fluid inclusion research can provide scientists with details about the past and can help provide helpful information about the present-day, and perhaps the future, it is an important area of geological study.

Buzz Aldrin - Apollo Sagan was a dynamic scientist whose discussions about the universe were conveyed an excitement about the unknown and the opportunities for exploration that was contagious.

There is a weighty apathy that permeates the American collective that needs to be reinvigorated with the excitement, hope, pride and enthusiasm of yesterday. It is perhaps time to move beyond the shuttle and space station programs, and time for more in depth exploration and colonization of the moon with an eye towards that as a jumping off point for a manned mission to Mars.

It is time for NASA to be innovative, and to think of tomorrow by encouraging and attracting the youth of today - perhaps with video games that incorporate the science of space exploration and development. One never knows what untapped young genius might become the next great space explorer.

Teaching the Harlem Renaissance. Harlem Renaissance How does literature contribute to history, and what does the Harlem Renaissance reveal about U.

History Content Learning Objective content and product: What historical content will students know at the end of the lesson? At the end of the lesson students will know the literary significance of the Harlem Renaissance within a historical context. Specifically, they will understand how the literary aspirations realized through the Harlem Renaissance contributed to United States history in terms of literature and the fine arts.

State using Formal Objective format. Historical Thinking Learning Objective thinking skill and product: Describe what students will know and be able to do at the end of the lesson related to your chosen historical thinking skill. The students will be…… [Read More]. Communication Islamic Countries Freedom in all its forms is a highly contested topic across all areas of politics, not only in countries where freedom has been traditionally repressed, but even in the most democratic of states, such as the United States and the UK.

When freedom extends to the press, the contestability of the topic gains an extra dimension. Some critics, for example, advocate freedom of the press only to such an extent as its ability to promote a peaceful existence and harmony among citizens and their government. Others, however, would see the press gaining complete freedom, regardless of its consequences for personal and collective peace. In Muslim countries such as Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, freedom extended to the press and the media is yet further muddied by the importance of religious and state rule in these countries.

In both environments, Islam remains the main ruling force in…… [Read More]. Good or Bad Aviation Project Management. Aviation Project - SpaceX The current aerospace technologies being built and flown by the private commercial company known as SpaceX from California have a remarkable record of success thus far. The un-manned Dragon is designed to carry supplies to and from the ISS, and it is the first privately built commercial spacecraft to handle those chores -- or conduct any space-related activities per se.

Nursing Pus Bodily Fluids and. Nursing means working one on one with individuals who may be bogged down will all manner of physical or mental pain and suffering or who may even be on the brink of death.

Because nurses work so closely with the most delicate matters of human existence: Nursing is but one of many healthcare professions and involves unique and specific work. For instance, nurses work directly with the patient by touch and voice.

Nurses listen to people's complaints and address them immediately; we massage, we empty bed pans, we bandage bruises and poke people with needles and stick tubes down their throats. Not everyone wants to deal so intimately with patients but would rather remain in the lab. Nurses usually have more direct contact with patients than doctors do, for instance. Nurses must possess a full understanding of the profession and what…… [Read More].

Grave Goods of the Avars in Medieval Carpathian asin The objective of this study is to examine the burial styles and grave goods of the Avars. This includes such as buried livestock and artifacts. As well the variability in the relationship between different several sites from this similar time period, and some specific burial sites of interest will be examined as well as the various traditions relating to positioning of bodies and preparation of the dead along with any possible meanings.

Examined as well will be construction of the tombs and any other grave goods of interest. From this data this study will attempt to determine the traditions, individual wealth and the position of that culture and to determine what the traditions were of this culture as well as how they developed and changed over time.

The difference in tribes or clans and other influences from that time period will…… [Read More]. What do you think were their needs? Despite this accomplishment, however, members of Nestle's executive management structure soon recognized that the market was poised to undergo a significant shift in terms of demographic expansion.

According to the case study, "cafes and coffee bars were growing in popularity across Europe and the U. With expanded economic standards becoming the norm as…… [Read More]. Tylenol Case Analysis Johnson and. Johnson and Johnson issued a public relations response immediately naming their number one priority: Symptoms of the Problem -- Quickly, the crisis reached epic nationwide coverage. The panic that ensued, somewhat as the result of the twenty-four hour media coverage, fueled this panic into a frenzy.

One hospital in Chicago, for instance, received calls in one day; while Johnson and Johnson received averaged almost calls per day. Across the country people were admitted into hospitals on suspicion of cyanide poisoning Tifft, Johnson and Johnson worked rapidly and decisively with the media to disseminate information. When the news spread, copycat criminals began to tamper with the products on the shelves of stores, which only deepened the crisis. Responsibilities as an External Consultant to a.

Initially some administration routes for drugs are considered more convenient than other methods. However this relies and depends on the benefits and shortcomings of the drug administration route.

The paper discusses on the possible and the convenient drug administration routes to apply in CMO. The paper also discusses on the methods to improve the physical stability and product chemical in the dosage for CMO outes of administration for biological medicinal products Different routes of administration can be applied for biological medicinal products and generally for contract manufacturing organization CMO.

For instance, enteral, parenteral, and transdermal are the common broad routes of medicinal administration. Hypodermoclysis administration route Hypodermoclysis administration route is whereby the dosage is in fluid form and can be referred to as subcutaneous infusion…… [Read More].

Journey Begins as We Enter. The blood in which we are traveling in is composed of red blood cells called hemoglobin, plasma, platelets, and white blood cells. Blood is transported through the body by the heart's pumping action. As we continue, we will enter the hepatic portal vein, which delivers blood from the gastrointestinal tract to the liver, into the ascending aorta, up towards the heart.

As we approach the heart, it's pumping will pull us up into its chambers and through to the lungs where we will get oxygen and continue our journey to the kidneys. As we return to the heart, we will pass through the aortic arch and descend through the thoracic aorta continuing past the descending abdominal aorta until we reach the renal artery.

We will make a left turn and pass through the glomeruli through the kidney's tubules and conclude this phase of our journey into the left kidney.

Taxa What is Cnidaria? What is it made up of? Who are the members that belong to his group? Cnidaria is an exclusively aquatic phylum. It is a group that is represented by the members, who are also called 'polyps', and these are sea anemones and corals, and also by 'medusae', which are creatures like the jellyfish.

In general, both a polypoid as well as a medusoid cnidarian will be either radially or biradially symmetrical and it is an uncephalized animal with one single body opening, which is the mouth.

Stinging capsules, which are embedded in the tentacles that are placed around the mouth, generally surrounds the mouth. These stinging capsules are also known as 'nematocysts', and these are capable of acting both as agents of defense as well as of offense. The most important distinguishing feature of a phylum is the presence of the intrinsic nematocysts, and in turn,…… [Read More]. Each year the industry hires more than 3. Recent figures support the role of homebuilders as vital to the American way of life AzPath.

In , the homebuilders were responsible for building 1,,…… [Read More]. Marinol Medicine Is Designed to Treat the. Marinol Medicine is designed to treat the sick and the injured. Its function is to either treat a condition or to better severe symptoms from a medical or physical condition.

Some medicines, when first introduced, are controversial because of the ingredients that are used. In the modern era, Marinol has become the subject of heated debate over whether or not it should be provided to patients.

Despite the fact that it has been proven to help people when other medications have failed, there are still some places where the medication cannot be gotten simply because it contains a synthetic form of a substance which is illegal in most states.

Marinol is not made from an illegal material, but a synthetic version which replicates the effects of that illegal substance. The drug Marinol is a brand name of a medication which is a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC which is…… [Read More]. Fantastic Voyage Through the Body the Man. Fantastic Voyage Through the Body The man is eating a hamburger and French fries while drinking a root beer. He is mechanically separating the food into smaller units, and then he is swallowing it.

For this exercise, it is important to realize that there are four different types of material that will be absorbed by the body and that they are all absorbed differently. These are fiber from the leafy greens on the hamburger, fats from the hamburger and French fries, proteins from the hamburger, and carbohydrates in many forms which make up the bulk of the meal.

They start off in a common area, but they end up going through different processes to either leave or remain in the body.

The first part of the journey is taken by all of the nutrition types. The man bites off a chunk of burger or fires, or drinks a swallow of…… [Read More]. Non-Profit and for-Profit Ethical and Liability Issues This paper examines the ethical and liability issues that non-profit corporations and for-profit businesses face, and compares them.

Comparison of the Ethical and Liability Issues that are Faced by Both There have been a lot of scandals lately regarding large for-profit businesses. These scandals stem from both ethical and legal issues.

Many of these scandals have resulted in lawsuits and even criminal proceedings against those who have been involved with them. The true extent of corporate liability is just beginning to be seen in our society.

We are watching the large corporations of this country ever more closely now, in order to make sure that they are acting in an ethical manner. The corporations, for their part, are being extra careful in their actions and words, fully aware of the liability that they are under should anything they…… [Read More]. Pharm Case Pharmaceutical Recall Case. In addition, the recall constitutes an expectation of substantial change before products actually reached consumers, placing it in compliance with A.

First, the models asks if the action is legal, both in terms of governmental laws and company policy; the answer for both dilemmas in this case is "yes. The additional costs of medications from the UPC rule would have been passed on to consumers, which is a "lose" to some extent even…… [Read More].

Supplementation with cholecalciferol does not improve glycaemic control in diabetic subjects with normal serum hydroxyvitamin D levels Yes, because patients with poor glycemic control were randomly assigned to control and case group. Also appropriate dosages of Vit. After PT I drive back home to shower and grab some breakfast. My work day typically starts at I take accountability of my troops and assign the tasks for the day.

I will typically have some meetings to attend throughout the day. I will almost always bring my lunch to work so I can eat it as I type a report or take care of any number of tasks I was unable to complete earlier due to some unforeseen event. After lunch I take accountability of my Marines and give them further tasking. I leave work around When I get home my wife has dinner ready for me.

I then spend two hours on class work. I will then go spend a few minutes talking with my kids and playing a few games. I will then turn on the TV and watch a recording of a show. I then go to bed at On the weekends I run my own business. I sell self-defense items at the local flea mall. I hope to open a full time store within the next year. I would eventually like to own a chain of stores specializing in self-defense and tactical gear.

Morals seem to be very loose these days. The time I am living in is all about getting ahead or getting what you want by any means necessary. People only care about doing the right thing if it benefits them.

There are a few exceptions to this, but they are few and far between. There are two major things that contribute to the fall of morals in this time. The first one would be media.

There is just so much violence, foul language, and sex in movies, TV shows, video games, and music. The second major factor would be the war that has been raging on for the past 11 years. I view happiness as a way of life. It is all about having people around you that you love and that love you. Friends and family are the keys to happiness. I have a wife and two wonderful children. They make me happy every day. No matter how my day has gone, I know that when I get home I will have my wife and kids there waiting to spend time with me and tell me all about their days.

I also think pets are a part of the family. No matter how bad of a day you are having or how mad you are, as soon as your dog climes in your lap and gives you a kiss it just all melts away. The literary work I would put into the time capsule is a poem. The poem was written by Billy Collins, and is titled The Lanyard. It is a beautiful poem about a boy who gives his mother a lanyard that he made to repay her for all that she has done for him over the years. Everyone needs to remember what their mother has done for them.

This poem is a good reminder to call them more even to just say I love you.

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Time Capsule Essay  Time Capsule: The Renaissance and the Age of Baroque The European Renaissance was a time of cultural transition in Europe from a society rooted in religious focus and compliance to humanism and artistic expression.

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Time Capsule Essay Examples. 5 total results. A Time Capsule with Precious Documents and Possessions from the Past Era. words. 1 page. A Time Capsule for Future Generations. words. 1 page. An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of a Time Capsule. 1, words. 3 pages. Time Capsule essays I sometimes think my life is simple. So simple that it probably wouldn't appeal to anyone else, especially in the future. I am sure in years life will be much more complicated due to government issues, lifestyle changed, and life in general. If I were to put things in.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | For almost two years, we have been in search of what we believed were time capsules, hidden away between the years of , when. The literary work I would put into the time capsule is a poem. The poem was written by Billy Collins, and is titled The Lanyard. It is a beautiful poem about a boy who gives his mother a lanyard that he made to repay her for all .